"One of the things that impressed me
most, is that from the CEO down to
the team members, they all participate
in the decision making process"

"They are not just there to agree with
me.. They have educated me on what's
important, what matters, and what will
bring patients through the door...
-Dr. Renato Saltz

"They helped me change
the face of my website,
my social media, and my
search engine optimization..."

I couldn't recommend Advice Media
strongly enough!
- Dr. Rich Winter

"We love Advice Media and the
job they are doing for us, especially
our great account manager,
Jen Corrington."

-Dr. Brad Strober

  • Steven Ringler, M.D.

  • Thomas J. Byrd, M.D.

  • Joseph Tauber, M.D.

  • James Dawes

  • Stephen Slade, M.D.

  • Dr. Jack Bertolino

    I wanted to take a moment to tell you how satisfied I have been in this brief relationship. It is important for you to know how well your staff performs with clients. Austi is a delightful, friendly voice at the other end of my smartphone. She has made my experience so far terrific. She is competent in her field, accessible, and reassuring. Austi to date has addressed all my concerns, and with the help of her team has made my time with your company fun, engaging and most of all a learning experience. I hope the rest of your staff is as good as Austi. Please give her the praise she deserves and my best. I hope the rest of our relationship will be fruitful.

  • Kim Haight

    Parkway Dental

    I was introduced to your company at the dental convention in Denver, CO a couple of years ago. At that time, we signed up for reputation management services, as well as social media services. This was a huge relief to me as I was trying to do all those things as well, as all of my other duties, as owner/office manager. I was using a different company to host my website and yet a third company for SEO. I was on the verge of developing multiple personalities! Michele has been absolutely wonderful. She has walked me through and, even more importantly, educated me on this very technical industry about which I know very little. My website is now responsive and updated on a regular basis. This is HUGE! The monthly calls with Michele to review our analytics are informative and encouraging. I really appreciate her time and attention to me. I work with vendors all the time, but it is very refreshing to work with Michele and Advice Media. Without hesitation, I have recommended you to everyone I know!

  • Andrea Ringler

    Steven Ringler, MD

    We really appreciate the consistency of communication with Jennifer, our Customer Success Coordinator. Having one person you speak to regularly, who is accountable, reliable and able to coordinate efforts, is a real time-saver and very helpful. Advice Media specializes in personalized service. They continue to offer first-rate customer service after the contract has been established. We really appreciate that Advice Media customizes their services to the individual practice, as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach. Jennifer has been a true professional as our Customer Success Coordinator. She is friendly, approachable, and readily available. Jennifer returns phone calls and emails, and coordinates services with the Advice Media team, making sure that all the bases are covered. Advice Media has been helpful in making sure that our SEO and practice goals are well coordinated, and when a promise is made to deliver, they follow through. They offer a personalized approach, which is rare in the industry today.

  • Holly Lor, Consumer

    Holly Lor, Consumer

    Thanks so much, and many compliments on your site! It helped me out a lot =)

  • Serena Castleton, Consumer

    I wanted you to know that as someone putting together resources for the career center at my school, I found your website to be helpful. Thanks!

  • Don Revis, MD

    ImplantInfo is great! I just recommended it to my new cosmetic fellow, and I have recommended it to many plastic surgeons over the last few years. You cannot find a better way to promote traffic and patients for breast augmentations on the internet!

  • Robert Gerson, MD

    ImplantInfo.com has been a tremendous resource for patients and for my breast augmentation practice over the last 10 years!

  • Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Delaware

    After years of dealing with missed deadlines and poor results from some very big-name SEO companies, I decided to give Advice Media a try. What a great decision! Advice Media is the first SEO company I have dealt with that provides me with the same high level of service that I provide to my patients. They have met every deadline, improved our rankings, and provided measurable results in every area that they have addressed. They provided a systematic approach to understanding my preferences in redesigning our website and have provided superior support as our needs have evolved. For proven results from a very responsive SEO company, I would only recommend Advice Media.

  • Dr. Janice Scott

    Deer Park Smiles

    All I can say is, "Wow!" Excited! Fabulous! You guys have done a fantastic job. The [responsive site] looks awesome. I am happy to recommend Advice Media to others, just not one in my Dental Society because I really don't want the competition LOL!!! Thank you for your patience with all the edits. It's a really fabulous site! Kudos to your team.

  • Ginny Hampton

    McCabe Vision Center

    I feel that I have not only received great service from my Customer Success Coordinator, Michele, but I sincerely know that I have learned a great deal regarding SEO and Google Analytics from her, too.

  • York Yates, MD

    York Yates, MD

    I would give the service and expertise of Advice Media a 5 out of 5 star rating. I recently redid my website for a cleaner, fresher appearance and improved function. I couldn’t be happier with the careful attention given. My [Customer Success Coordinator] has been wonderful to work with and has been responsive to my every need. I would highly recommend.

  • Shannon Sheu MD, FAAD

    Matsuda Dermatology

    Advice Media has been very friendly and understanding of a practice that is not familiar at all with websites or marketing via the internet. My [Customer Success Coordinator] has been terrific! She has been very responsive to our requests for website changes and telephone meeting times. She has been very patient with us and carefully explains the goals of our website and what we need to do to keep improving the site.

  • Gordon D. Sokoloff, DDS

    Coral Gables Dentistry

    I am a new client of Advice Media. In my limited, yet pertinent, dealings with the company so far, I have encountered a very high-class "boutique" company that pays careful attention to their clients' needs and expectations so that I may acquire excellent website presence. Advice Media has been closely involved with me in collecting data for what I hope will be a stellar website with excellent features, visibility, and "user-friendliness". Unlike the previous company I had dealt with, Advice Media breaks away from the typical template, "cookie cutter" approach by producing a website that is artistically and uniquely designed for their individual clients. My expectations will hopefully be not only met but exceeded by Advice Media as we move forward together. My account manager has been friendly, attentive, responsive, and very professional; I have enjoyed working with her (Austi Stenson) and the other members of her team. As a new client, I have been duly impressed with the coordinated talents of the Advice Media team. I hope to provide a more comprehensive review of my findings once their work product for me is completed and their running of my website and social media has been instituted. From what I have encountered so far, they're a tight-knit group that works hard to produce a high-quality, individualized product for their clients. I am happy to be one of them.

  • James C. Lai, MD

    Retina Consultants of Hawaii

    I like that there is a point person who is overseeing our project, someone who I can reach out to right away with any questions/issues. We had several conferences before the launch of our website to review what we wanted with our website. She listened to what we wanted and instituted those changes. Our point person was also not afraid to give us advice if we were headed in the wrong direction. We like the new look of our website. We are eagerly awaiting to see the results of our search engine optimization one month after our website launch.

  • Laura Barclay

    Karen M. Singer MD

    I wanted to let you know how I appreciate all of your help. It is so helpful that you get back to me so quickly when I have a question. It makes my job easier. Also, when I've phoned you with changes to the PowerUp Local platform, I have always been amazed at how you are able to make the changes while we are on the phone. You have it done before I could even navigate to the page! You are an asset to Advice Media. You know the products, can easily navigate Dr. Singer's account, and are very good with follow-up and follow-through. I feel comfortable knowing that if I have a question or concern, you will ensure I have an answer. I am glad to have you as my consultant at Advice Media. Thank you for all you do!.

  • Sara Lamichane, DMD

    Lamichane Family Dentistry

    Michele Conway has been a pleasure to work with during website fabrication, branding, and SEO. She has been able to explain everything to me in a concise, understandable, and prompt manner. I have received many compliments on the website, and patients find it easy to navigate. I have no previous exposure or experience with SEO, but Michele and her team have made it more accessible for me and shown me its importance. I would highly recommend a colleague to work with Michele Conway and Advice Media.

  • Colt West

    Crane West

    My experience working with my [Customer Success Coordinator] has been fantastic. Reports are generated in a timely manner, and my questions are answered thoroughly.

  • Ali Hakimi

    Soft Touch Dentistry

    Advice Media has worked with me closely to implement my vision. This has been an enjoyable affair. My [Customer Success Coordinator] has been a great partner in listening to my requests and requirements, and she has presented a can-do attitude all throughout.

  • Carlene Roesch, Consumer

    I must say that your site has been a God send to me while I was going through my surgeries and recovery.

  • Samuel Lin, MD

    Boston Plastic Surgeon

    Michele is doing a great job being responsive to my questions and providing suggestions for improvement to the site.