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Epstein Plastic Surgery

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Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center

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The Center for Women’s Health and Wellness

Dr. Angela Abernathy

141 Dental Studio, PC

"One of the things that impressed me
most, is that from the CEO down to
the team members, they all participate
in the decision making process"

"They are not just there to agree with
me.. They have educated me on what's
important, what matters, and what will
bring patients through the door...
-Dr. Renato Saltz

"They helped me change
the face of my website,
my social media, and my
search engine optimization..."

I couldn't recommend Advice Media
strongly enough!
- Dr. Rick Winter

"We love Advice Media and the
job they are doing for us, especially
our great account manager,
Jen Corrington."

-Dr. Brad Strober

Tom Stosberg

"Darren, Once again, Edgar bailed me out! I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my anchor link codes. He patiently helped me. I’m not sure how your teams are structured but please let Edgar’s boss know that he is terrific and I appreciate him bailing me out AGAIN! Many Thanks, Tom PS: I do fairly well using the current WordPress platform but I won’t likely be applying for a job as a code writer any time soon. Also we are going to update our site with AM website management program at the end of this year or beginning of 2018."

Tracy Drumm

"Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with several web companies. Like many people in the space, I had previously been "burnt" by a few web development services that over-promised and under-delivered. Although I had heard great things about Advice Media, I approached my new website project with a dash of skepticism due to my past experiences. However, from my first encounter with my account manager until the day my site was delivered, I was constantly blown away. Their attention to detail, commitment to my vision, and creative efforts were first-class and far exceeded my expectations. The team I worked with at Advice Media proved to me that a web company can truly be a business partner. They offered valuable advice and feedback throughout the process, were committed to deadlines, and communicated with me every step of the way. If you are looking to have a website developed or updated, I would highly recommend spending time with the Advice Media team. I have been incredibly impressed with their product, service, and dedication to our great space."

Steven Ringler, M.D.

"We really appreciate that Advice Media customizes their services to the individual practice, as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach."

Thomas J. Byrd, M.D.

Byrd Eye Clinic
"I LOVE your videos and they’re a huge asset to my patient counseling and help achieve a high conversion rate."

Joseph Tauber, M.D.

Tauber Eye Center
"I’ve used the Sight Selector videos in my practice for some time now and couldn’t be more satisfied. These inexpensive and cost-effective communication tools help me save a great deal of time previously spent explaining and re-explaining eye conditions. Patients really enjoy the beautiful graphics and the high tech appearance of the videos. We use these in the office, on our web site and in our practice app. I am very precise in how I explain eye conditions and treatment plans to my patients and find that Sight Selector has really gotten the communication right on target. They are clear, understandable and accurate. Take the time to review the collection. I’m sure you will be impressed and will want to incorporate these into your practice."

James Dawes

Business Consultant
"The Sight Selector software is significantly different than what we’ve seen in the market in terms of what’s available to educate patients about their visual experience after cataract surgery, primarily because it’s much more realistic. One of the challenges we had in using other software was that the animations were robotic and they didn’t seem very real. What we like about the Sight Selector, is that the images and animations are very real. It feels real and the patients can relate to it. Incorporating the Sight Selector into our practices has dramatically changed the way we converse with our patients. Years ago we used eye models, flipcharts, laminated sheets of paper…. a mish-mash of collateral materials. And it was kind of sloppy. With the Sight Selector we’re able to have a very smooth presentation. We’re now able to sit with the patient and really be on their team working through the process of helping them make the selection of what they want their vision to be like for the rest of their lives."

Stephen Slade, M.D.

Slade and Baker Vision Center
"We use the Sight Selector in all of our lanes and in all of our counseling areas. We also have it online. The Sight Selector has been extremely helpful because it gives the patient a chance to ‘test drive’ their vision and simulates what they can expect from our various treatment options. There are so many ways to use this technology. For example, you can show the patient a series of still images that you can draw on while you educate them and answer their questions as they come up. You can also set up a playlist of narrated videos that they can go through. We like both. It’s one of those things from PEC that’s really increased our volume."

Dr. Jack Bertolino

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how satisfied I have been in this brief relationship. It is important for you to know how well your staff performs with clients. Austi is a delightful, friendly voice at the other end of my smartphone. She has made my experience so far terrific. She is competent in her field, accessible, and reassuring. Austi to date has addressed all my concerns, and with the help of her team has made my time with your company fun, engaging and most of all a learning experience. I hope the rest of your staff is as good as Austi. Please give her the praise she deserves and my best. I hope the rest of our relationship will be fruitful.

Kim Haight

Parkway Dental
I was introduced to your company at the dental convention in Denver, CO a couple of years ago. At that time, we signed up for reputation management services, as well as social media services. This was a huge relief to me as I was trying to do all those things as well, as all of my other duties, as owner/office manager. I was using a different company to host my website and yet a third company for SEO. I was on the verge of developing multiple personalities! Michele has been absolutely wonderful. She has walked me through and, even more importantly, educated me on this very technical industry about which I know very little. My website is now responsive and updated on a regular basis. This is HUGE! The monthly calls with Michele to review our analytics are informative and encouraging. I really appreciate her time and attention to me. I work with vendors all the time, but it is very refreshing to work with Michele and Advice Media. Without hesitation, I have recommended you to everyone I know!

Andrea Ringler

Steven Ringler, MD
We really appreciate the consistency of communication with Jennifer, our Customer Success Coordinator. Having one person you speak to regularly, who is accountable, reliable and able to coordinate efforts, is a real time-saver and very helpful. Advice Media specializes in personalized service. They continue to offer first-rate customer service after the contract has been established. We really appreciate that Advice Media customizes their services to the individual practice, as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach. Jennifer has been a true professional as our Customer Success Coordinator. She is friendly, approachable, and readily available. Jennifer returns phone calls and emails, and coordinates services with the Advice Media team, making sure that all the bases are covered. Advice Media has been helpful in making sure that our SEO and practice goals are well coordinated, and when a promise is made to deliver, they follow through. They offer a personalized approach, which is rare in the industry today.

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