1. In the Beginning….

    At the dawn of the Internet era… Compumedical was formed….

  2. ImplantInfo.com Published

    Compumedical publishes the first website dedicated to educating women on breast augmentation and breast implants. It becomes an instant success, with thousands of women flocking to the site to learn, discuss and support. It has a very early form of user generated content: stories and pictures from real women who have had the procedure. It also features discussion boards that tens of thousands of women have benefited from over the years…and it’s still going strong!

  3. LipoSite.com Published

    Like LipoSite, Faceforum was spurred by ImplantInfo. It’s a site dedicated to any and all things anti-aging and facial contouring, including rhinoplasty, facelift, and a wide variety of anti-aging techniques.

  4. FaceForum.com published

    Like LipoSite, Faceforum was spurred by ImplantInfo. It’s a site dedicated to any and all things anti-aging and facial contouring, including rhinoplasty, facelift, and a wide variety of anti-aging techniques.

  5. Time for Professional Management

    Advice Media took over Compumedical operations to bring professional management to the site, which had been very successful but functioned as a home-based business.

  6. User ID Technology Released

    Advice Media became the first company in the industry to use IP lookup technology to identify a visitor’s location and serve up healthcare professionals near that visitor.

  7. Agency Services Established

    Recognizing the need for top-notch services for healthcare practices, Advice Media turned its core capabilities in design, development, and digital marketing outward by offering them to healthcare practices.

  8. Responsive Technology Development

    Recognizing that this technology would soon dominate website development, Advice Media became the first agency in healthcare to invest in responsive technology. At that point, ALL of our competitors laughed at us, but we recognized the enormous potential!

  9. Google’s Big Recommendation

    Google recommended responsive technology as the best practice for developing websites, proving Advice Media was ahead of the industry. Our competitors continue to spin their wheels trying to sell old technology.

  10. Another Advice Media First

    Advice Media became the first company in the industry to release a website with responsive technology less than a month after Google made its recommendation. Of course, the technology had been in development for six months!

  11. Branding

    Advice Media extended its agency offerings to include Branding.

  12. Social Media

    Once again ahead of the pack, Advice Media recognized that social media needed to become part of every digital marketing strategy. Advice Media became the first company to combine organic traffic generation with social media to offer its customers a comprehensive visibility strategy.

  13. World Class

    Advice Media embarked on a program to solidify its world-class standing. Everything we do must be world class. Our people must be world class. Our services must be world class. Our systems must be world class. World class became our mantra in everything we do.

  14. Growing Through Acquisition

    Advice Media acquired the assets of the Everyday Doctors Division from Everyday Health. Among other things, the assets included approximately 400 agency …

  15. PPC / SEM

    Watching advanced trends at Google, Advice Media realized that forthcoming changes would rock the world of organic search and tilt the balance in favor of PPC. Advice Media developed a comprehensive pay-per-click (aka Search Engine Marketing or SEM), offering to complement and further extend its suite of comprehensive digital marketing services.

  16. More Growth!!

    Advice Media acquired E6 Interactive, a leader in digital marketing for aesthetic medical practices.

  17. Development Office in the Philippines

    As part of the E6 acquisition, Advice Media took over a development office in the Philippines, making us a truly global company.

  18. Google – What Did You Do?

    As foreseen by Advice Media, Google significantly limited the available real estate for organic search engine results on the screen, further emphasizing PPC as an integral part of any serious digital marketing campaign.

  19. Woohoo! Google Recognized Advice Media!

    Google awarded Advice Media an incredibly hard to get Partner designation! In Google’s notification, they said, “Tell everyone that you’ve earned our trust and deserve theirs.” Yes, we are proud (but not prideful)!

  20. Practice What You Preach!

    Tired of being the shoemaker’s child, Advice Media took its own advice, redeveloped its website to be best of breed, and added itself to its comprehensive digital marketing platform! See the Case Study.

  21. Christine Meredith Miele Foundation

    Advice Media is pleased to support The Christine Meredith Miele Foundation (CMMF) through the design, developed and maintenance of their website. The CMMF is dedicated to defeating breast cancer through awareness, research and prevention.

  22. Brazilian Expansion

    Brazil is one of the top five countries for plastic surgery procedures in the world. Advice Media is committed to helping improve patient education and promotion of doctors in a country of beautiful people. Advice Media now has an office in Porto Alegre, Brazil and is offering it’s website services to doctors in Brazil.

  23. Google All Star Nomination

    We rock! Google nominated Advice Media to the reputable 2015 International Google Partners All-Stars Summit being held in August of 2015. The event takes place at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, more commonly known as GooglePlex. This prestigious, highly selective award is testament to our cutting edge approach and market leading service offerings. We lead the pack! The invitation for Advice Media to attend the 2015 International Google Partners All-Stars Summit is a great exemplification of our team’s hard work and their continuous dedication to their clientele. This is the first time Advice Media has been invited to the International Google Partners All-Stars Summit and it definitely won’t be the last! We are excited at this opportunity to meet with Google at a high level, gain insight into future changes that others will not have, and network with other companies from around the globe who also lead the pack. Woohoo!

  24. Breast Cancer Survivor Retreats

    Shawn Miele, the Advice Media CEO is appointed to the Image Reborn Foundation (IRF)Board of Directors and Advice Media becomes and official supporter of IRF by designing, developing and maintaining the IRF website. The Image Reborn Foundation provides no-cost healing retreats to women diagnosed with breast cancer to empower them to live fully beyond breast cancer.

  25. Advice Media acquires MedNet Technologies

    June 17, 2015 – Advice Media, the industry leader in digital marketing for healthcare professionals, continues its strategic growth with the acquisition of MedNet Technologies. The deal joins the acquisition of Everyday Doctors in November 2013 and E6 Interactive in February 2014. Advice Media has proven its ability to effectively incorporate new clients by leveraging current processes to provide optimal results for new and existing customers. Shawn Miele, Advice Media CEO, commented on the acquisition, “MedNet Technologies was one of the first companies in the world to provide digital services to medical practices. With 17 years of operating history, MedNet has built a tremendous team of talented people and services many marquee medical practices.” Miele continued, “We’re pleased to welcome both MedNet’s employees and customers to the Advice Media family. We’ll be focusing on integrating best practices from MedNet with those of Advice Media to create even better service delivery for our customers.” MedNet’s employees, located primarily in Melville, NY, will be joining Advice Media but maintaining their current offices to foster a seamless transition. Preserving the local office also allows the MedNet team to continue providing world-class customer service to their clients without any service interruption. Jack and Chris Pellman, MedNet founders, will both be pursuing new endeavors. The remainder of the MedNet team, including designers, developers, and digital marketing specialists, will be joining Advice Media. “My brother Christian and I are thrilled about the acquisition by Advice Media.” said MedNet President and CEO, Jack Pellman. “MedNet’s historical strength in website design and development will now combine with Advice Media’s extensive online marketing services for healthcare practices. Without a doubt, medical and dental providers will now have the broadest choices and finest services when considering a digital agency for their practice.” Since 1998, MedNet Technologies has been designing, managing, and marketing websites for healthcare professionals throughout the United States and abroad. With a diverse portfolio of over 2,000 clients, MedNet offers online solutions for practices and organizations of all sizes — from individual providers to multi-discipline medical groups. Clients include many of the most well-respected healthcare professionals in the world. About Advice Media, LLC Since 1998, Advice Media has provided healthcare professionals with comprehensive digital marketing services to help them expand their practices and attract new patients. An integrated strategy encompasses website design and management, mobile readiness, email marketing, SEO, SEM, social media, directory services, blogs, reputation management, video production, and performance tracking. The company maintains offices in Park City, UT, Melville, NY, Houston, TX, and Porto Alegre, Brazil.

  26. Rebranding

    Advice Media launches a new logo and brand, which incorporates the name recognition of both Advice Media and MedNet and subtly show cases our love for the mountains with our new mark.

  27. We love our trails!

    From skiing, to hiking, to mountain biking, we love all that Park City has to offer! In an effort to give back, Advice Media become an official sponsor of the Mountain Trails Foundation in Park City, UT and adopts the care of Jenni’s Trail.

  28. Fresh Digs

    The old MedNet office looked like something straight out of the ’70s. It was dark and dingy and felt very depressing. The new space includes a ton of natural light, modern workstations, and a much more collaborative workspace.

  29. Inc. 5,000 Achievement

    For 35 years, Inc. has welcomed the fastest-growing private companies into a very exclusive club, and Advice Media just received our invitation! We are honored and proud to be ranked #287 on the 2016 Inc. 5,000 list. As an Inc. 5,000 honoree, Advice Media now shares a prestigious pedigree with companies like Intuit, Zappos, and GoPro. Shawn Miele, Chief Executive Officer of Advice Media, said, “We are honored to be included in the Inc. 5,000 rankings for 2016. This award is a direct result of our mission to make our clients lives better by supporting their professional and personal success. I’d like to thank our team members for their relentless effort and our clients for their loyalty.” We’re proud to help medical practices to expand their business by doing many of the things necessary for growth that physicians don’t have time for or don’t have the training to do themselves. Advice Media’s services include search engine optimization, social media, email marketing, website design and development and more. With over 1,500 clients in more than 20 different medical specialties throughout North America, Advice Media is truly an industry leader. In 1982, Inc. introduced the Inc. 500 list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States. Since then, this prestigious list of the nation’s most successful private companies has become the hallmark of entrepreneurial success and the place where future household names first make their mark. Pandora, 7 Eleven, Toys ‘R’ Us, Zipcar, and numerous other well-known brands have been honored by the Inc. 5,000. In 2007, the Inc. 500 list expanded to the Inc. 5000, giving readers a deeper, richer understanding of the entrepreneurial landscape and capturing a broader spectrum of success.

  30. Utah’s Fastest Growing Companies

    Advice Media is named #19 on Utah 100 Fastest growing companies for 2016. “Named one of the top states to do business, Utah attracts entrepreneurs and business owners who strive to take advantage of the business-friendly environment created by state and local officials.” – MWNC

  31. AM acquires assets from PEC

    Advice Media acquires Sight Selector, Video Animation Customers & Website Customers from Patient Education Concepts. Sight Selector includes 125+ procedure animation videos for doctors to educate their ophthalmology patients on related treatments and services. The PEC website and video customers will be assimilated into Advice Media’s exceptional service offerings.


    Advice Media, the industry leader in digital marketing for medical practices, has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in North America and has been included in the Inc. 5000 for the second time in two years.

  33. Advice Media Ranked #13 on the 100 Fastest Growing Utah Companies

    Advice Media, the industry leader in digital marketing for medical practices, has been recognized as…
    Read the full article here

  34. Advice Media Ranked #3026 On Inc. 5000

    Advice Media, the industry leader in digital marketing for medical practices, has been recognized as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in North America and has been included in the Inc. 5000 for the third time in three years.

  35. #31 Fastest Growing Utah Company

    For the third consecutive year, Advice Media has been recognized by the MountainWest Capital Network as one of Utah’s most successful companies. A very special thank you to our loyal clients and dedicated team for making this possible!

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