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Get Found When People Search Locally

Appear more often in local search results without breaking the bank

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Inconsistencies in Online Directories Will Cost You Business

Improving the accuracy of your local listings will improve your business’ search power.

Likely, after years of being in business, your business has spontaneously generated a number of incorrect and duplicate listings. Search engines are easily confused by conflicting information, which results in a negative impact on traffic to your website. It’s not your fault! Automated bots create these listings for you without your permission or knowledge simply by scraping information from the Internet. You can’t eliminate these listings, but Advice Media's Local Power platform can fix and manage them for you!

Local Power alleviates the burden of submitting to each of these directories manually. Our robust network consists of more than 60 local search engines and mapping sites, including Bing, Yahoo!, and Yelp. Additionally, our Local Power Network includes more than 15 mobile apps for your customers to quickly find your business on the go. Our software submits the same listing to all of these sites through one convenient portal, and often, the information is further aggregated to an infinite number of additional online directories.


Gain Trust & Credibility with Listings that Are Always Accurate

With no effort on your part, Local Power keeps all of your information consistent!

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Local Power saves you time and effort by aligning all of your listings to make sure you stay visible.

Use our free tool to see how your website is listed across multiple directories and identify initial areas of improvement.

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Did You Know...?

72% of consumers that perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.

Source: HubSpot Marketing Statistics

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Highly Effective Local SEO Strategies

With nearly half of all searches being local, it's critical that your local listings stay accurate

Local Power provides accurate and information-rich listings across the web, allowing you and your website to be seen by search engines with greater authority and higher credibility. This translates into more traffic to your website, more people through your doors, and increased revenue for your business!

Our product implements proven strategies to align your directory listings and keep them accurate to improve your local visibility.

  • Verifies All Listings — Ensure all of your listings are accurate across more than 60 local search engines and 15 mobile apps and mapping sites including Bing, Yahoo! And Yelp
  • Constant Monitoring — Automatically fixes any inconsistencies that may arise with your business information in the future
  • Listing Optimization Enhances content monthly by submitted descriptions, services, photos, videos, and more
  • Increased Leads — With little to no time investment on your end, you will receive more web traffic and conversions

Featured Success Story

Local Power Case Study: Singh Plastic Surgery

Before onboarding with Local Power, Singh Plastic Surgery reported 0% accuracy on their listings scan; in other words, there was no consistency in their listings.

Within 60 business days, accuracy increased further to 89% with 77 live listings across search engines, resulting in significant SEO and visibility benefits.

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Local Power

Drive more people to your practice by appearing in their local searches

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