How’s Your Website Designed?

At Advice Media we’re often approached by prospective clients who find their website isn’t ranking in search. They’ve tried using every conceivable keyword, even if they don’t really match their practice’s offerings. They’ve plopped keywords throughout copy in an obvious ploy to use keywords, rather than to provide interesting, helpful content. And then they tell… Read More »

Small Business Websites Are King

People always want to write off this or that thing for the next, supposedly, big thing. Movies were going to be the end of books. The healthy publishing business today, 100 years later, begs to differ. TV was supposed to end movies. Uh huh. Even Tiger Woods, the famous professional golfer, was said by everyone… Read More »

Remarketing to Close the Near Misses

Someone hits your practice website clicks on “Tummy Tuck” and then proceeds to spend 10 minutes on your procedure page, ostensibly reading about the procedure she is considering. She even clicks on the About Us page to see exactly who would be doing the surgery. And then she is gone — off to some other… Read More »

Is Social Media Important for SEO?

Since it is not a direct part of your practice’s website, it’s assumed that your social media accounts don’t really impact your rankings in organic search. That is true…somewhat. While your practice’s Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts don’t directly affect your website’s rankings, they do play a big part in visibility and awareness, which in… Read More »

How Request and Respond to Reviews

Guide To Requesting and Responding to Reviews

Online reviews play a critical role in a person’s decision-making process about all kinds of purchases, including healthcare services. In fact, more than 86% of consumers read online reviews, and 89% read business’s responses to reviews. Not only do reviews help patients make decisions, but they also elevate your visibility in local search results. Did… Read More »

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Turn That Frown Upside Down

Who knows where the adage “Turn that frown upside down” came from, but in today’s digital world you could think of it as replacing a frowning emoji with a smiling one. When it comes to online reviews, doing so can make a huge difference in your practice’s reputation. We’re all a little sensitive when it… Read More »

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