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Advice Media has updated this COVID Comeback Plan to help your business prepare to ride the strong wave of prosperity in 2021.

Below you will find tips, advice, and important updates, as well as sample content you can use/share with your patients. You can copy, edit, and publish to your website and social media channels to fit your needs.


COVID Comeback
Plan 2.0

Watch these videos as we break down each phase of our
5-phase COVID Comeback Plan!


COVID Comeback - How To Maximize Your Website For Maximum Conversions

Social Media Resources

Operational Updates

For Surgical Patients

social post updates 2


Please Reschedule If...

social post updates 1 1


We Are Open

social post updates 1 1


Updated Office Hours

updated hours


Update - We're Open

social post precautions


Update - We're Closed



Welcome Back!



Following Safety Guidlines



New Services

Telemedicine Available - 1



Virtual Consultations - 1


Telemedicine Available - 2



Virtual Consultations - 2


Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quote 1

what you can control


Inspirational Quote 3

reaction decision 1


Inspirational Quote 5

choose wisely

Inspirational Quote 7

deep breath

Inspirational Quote 9

human connection

Inspirational Quote 2



Inspirational Quote 4

be safe stay kind


Inspirational Quote 6

lift someone else 1

Inspirational Quote 8

change the world 1


Inspirational Quote 10

always thankful

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