Plastic Surgery Marketing


The Ultimate Guide to Plastic Surgery Marketing

This guide examines 14 unique Plastic Surgery marketing channels. We have divided this guide into 2 sections; digital marketing ideas & traditional marketing ideas. all with the goal to drive more patients to your plastic surgery practice!

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Plastic Surgery Marketing- The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Your Plastic Surgery Practice

Plastic Surgery Practice Marketing

Whether you are just opening your Plastic Surgery practice, purchased a practice, or have been in business for generations an effective Plastic Surgery marketing plan is crucial to your practice’s success. There are many Plastic Surgery marketing companies and strategies that can support your practice’s success, but many Plastic Surgeons don’t know where to start, what marketing channel is right for their practice, or how to measure the ROI of a successful marketing campaign. Your Plastic Surgery practice should consider incorporating both digital and traditional strategies into your Plastic Surgery office marketing plan.

The good news is you are reading this guide, full of plastic surgery marketing ideas, examples, and strategies, to help you succeed!

You can click on the links below to learn more about each marketing strategy ranging from digital to traditional methods.

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Plastic Surgery Marketing Basics For Plastic Surgeon

Digital Marketing for Plastic Surgery

Digital marketing is the practice of crafting a strong internet presence, this can be achieved with active social media pages, informative blogs, email campaigns, multimedia content (ie video, practice photos, text, etc.), accurate directory listings, and most importantly your website. Online marketing and a strong internet presence for Plastic Surgery practices is crucial to generating new patients.

Plastic Surgery Website Design

  • Generating New Patients: Very Effective
  • Do It Yourself: Very Difficult
  • Typical Cost:
    • Templated Designs: $1,000 – $3,000
    • Custom Designs: $10,000+

94% of users’ mistrust of a medical website is directly related to web design elements.

Source: Forbes

Your website, typically the most important marketing channel, and is where new patients make their first impression of your Plastic Surgery practice. You want to be sure to showcase your specialties, procedures, and skills here that set you above other local Plastic Surgeons. Your website needs to work on all devices from phones to laptops, clearly convey your practice’s brand into the digital realm. Your site needs to function frictionlessly when it comes to getting patients in touch with your practice. Great Plastic Surgery web design and Plastic Surgery website marketing are not enough, you also need reliable and fast Plastic Surgery web hosting.

We recommend working with a plastic surgery marketing company with a specialization in plastic surgery website design that has specific aesthetic practice knowledge and expertise. You want an agency that understands different conversion strategies for your plastic surgery procedures (knowing what procedures help your practice be successful). There are many plastic surgery website design features you will want your agency to have experience with; procedure animations, plastic surgery blogging, before and afters, and creating strong calls to action to get patients into your office.

Test if your medical spa site is mobile responsive.

Essential Plastic Surgery Website Design Elements

  1. Mobile Responsive
  2. Clearly Branded
  3. Conversion Focused

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Plastic Surgery Website Design- The Basics of a Great Aesthetic Website

Plastic Surgery Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Generating New Patients: Very Effective
  • Do It Yourself: Very Difficult
  • Typical Cost: $500 - $5,000/month

73% of patients use search engines to research treatment options. elements.

Source: Google

Every search engine has one goal: provide users with the most relevant result as quickly as possible. Google looks at signals to determine if your website is relevant, trustworthy, and deserving of being ranked higher in search results. SEO for plastic surgery practices is the process of optimizing your website to appear for relevant search terms and procedures and in turn appearing higher in the search results.

We recommend creating and providing original content on your key procedures to your plastic surgery SEO company. This will give your plastic surgery marketing firm content to optimize to help your website rank higher. The best place to start is to write down your top 5 procedures and answer the 5 most common questions your patients ask and the top 3 benefits for each procedure. You want to have multimedia content on your procedure pages, for instance, on a rhinoplasty page you want to have details about the procedure, recovery, benefits, but also video testimonials, before and afters, animations of the procedure, and any other content that will help users become patients.


5 Key Strategies to SEO Success

  1. Content Optimization
  2. Link Building
  3. Site Structure
  4. Local Directories
  5. Website Technology

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Plastic Surgery SEO- How To Get Your Practice Found Online

Local Plastic Surgery Directory Listings

  • Generating New Patients: Effective
  • Do It Yourself: Very Difficult
  • Typical Cost: $50 – $250/month

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Local Plastic Surgery Directories- Tips to Improve Your Practice's Online Presence

More than 150 million people access local directories each month

Source: Google

Keeping your information consistent across 100s of online directories is not a feasible use of your time or your staffs’. Having accurate information ensures patients all receive the same business information name, phone, and address for your practice. Having consistent information across the web instills trust, helps bring patients into your practice, and is crucial to plastic surgery SEO marketing. We recommend working with an aesthetic or plastic surgery marketing company because there are medical specific directories that should be optimized.

Keep your NAP information accurate

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone

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Google Presents: Critical Insights on How Patients Search for Doctors

Plastic Surgery Reputation Management (Managing Reviews)

  • Generating New Patients: Effective
  • Do It Yourself: Possible
  • Typical Cost: Free – $300/month

88% of patients trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Source: Google

Online reviews have become a crucial factor in the plastic surgery’s patient sales funnel. You need positive reviews to convert website users to patients. This is a typically patients’ first impression of your practice. You can respond to reviews and generate reviews from patients for free. Generating and responding to reviews needs to be a standardized routine in your plastic surgery practice’s front office. Many practices have realized how challenging it is to be vigilant enough to know when a new review comes in and requesting reviews is difficult without a clear process. We recommend using a reputation management software that will alert you of new reviews and help generate reviews from happy patients. Advice Media has review management software that also includes medical specific review sites.

Download instructions to embed facebook reviews on your website!

Top Review Sources for Plastic Surgeons

  1. Google my business
  2. Facebook
  3. Yelp

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Plastic Surgery Reputation Management- Improve Your Online Reviews

Plastic Surgery Social Media Marketing

  • Generating New Patients: Very Effective
  • Do It Yourself: Possible
  • Typical Cost: Free – $3,000/month

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Plastic Surgery Social Media- Tips to Grow Your Practice's Following

41% of people say social media affects their choice of doctor, hospital, or medical facility.

Source: Spark Report

Social Media has become a staple of every practice and is now embedded in the online user’s journey to becoming a patient. Social media can help instill trust and helps patients connect on a more personal level with their doctor. Plastic surgery social media can be time-consuming for practice’s to do well and it is worth considering having an agency supplement your posts to help your profile stay consistent and engaging. An active social media profile can help your practice stay top of mind with your current patients.

We recommend creating social media profiles and clearly defining a process to post personalized content/images consistently. While also working with an aethestic or plastic surgery marketing agency that can help supplement your posts. This will ensure your social profiles are consistently posted to. Helping you stay top of mind while connecting with your patients on a more personal level.

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Winning The Social Media Game, 99% of Doctors Do It Wrong

Plastic Surgery Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Generating New Patients: Very Effective
  • Do It Yourself: Very Difficult
  • Typical Cost: Recommended Minimum Budget: $750/month. Market Dependent

Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords.

Source: Google Economic Impact Report

Often referred to as PPC (pay-per-click) because you only pay when a user clicks on your ad and lands on your plastic surgery website. Advertising on search engines is an instantly impactful way to generate new patients as you are paying for traffic to your website. It is crucial you have robust content and a beautiful website to generate the best ROI from your SEM budget. There are different types of SEM ad types and each requires different strategies to optimize your ads to generate leads, we highly recommend using an plastic surgery marketing company to manage this strategy. The two most common search engine advertisements for a plastic surgery practice are text ads and display ads.

Prior to an SEM campaign you should implement a plastic surgery SEO strategy and have an optimized website to ensure your budget is efficient and your ad quality scores are high.

Recommended Plastic Surgery PPC Budget

MedSpa $750 – $1,000/month $1,000 – $1,500/month $1,500 – $3,000/month $3,000+/month
Surgical Center $1,000 – $1,500/month $1,500 – $2,000/month $1,000 – $4,000/month $4,000+/month
Both $1,250 – $1,500/month $1,500 – $2,000/month $2,000 – $5,000/month $5,000+/month

Ad's Quality Score Factors

  1. Maximum bid amount
  2. The click-through rate (CTR) of your ad
  3. The relevance of each keyword to its ad group
  4. Landing page quality and relevance
  5. The relevance of your ad text
  6. Your historical AdWords account performance and site engagement

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Plastic Surgery Search Engine Marketing- Tips to Advertise Your Practice on Google

Plastic Surgery Email Marketing

  • Generating New Patients: Somewhat Effective
  • Do It Yourself: Possible
  • Typical Cost: Free – $1,000/month

In 2016, the average ROI for email campaigns was 4,300%

Source: Copy Blogger

Email marketing for plastic surgery practices can be difficult to generate new patients because you will need the potential patient’s email first. However, if coupled with a referral program, email marketing can greatly increase your new patients! If you pursue email marketing in-house there are two important factors to consider when choosing an email marketing platform for your practice: Ease of Use & Price. Many providers dictate price based on the frequency of emails and email list size, so you will want to consider how many emails you will be sending, both frequency and quantity.

Our typical recommendation for a practice is to aim for 1 email a month which includes: any monthly specials, referral program information, and helpful blog posts. You also want to be collecting email addresses in person in your office and have a connected form from your website to your email marketing software.

Email Marketing Services Review

MailChimp Yes. Up to 2,000 contacts. $30+/month Very Easy
Contstant Contact Yes. For 60 Days. $20+/month Easy
SendInBlue Yes. 9,000 emails/month. $25+/month Very Easy

Top Email Marketing Benefits

  1. Stay Top of Mind
  2. Upsell More Expensive Procedures
  3. Increase Referrals

Plastic Surgery Blogging

  • Generating New Patients: Very Effective
  • Do It Yourself: Possible
  • Typical Cost: Free – $500/month

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Enticing the Millennial Patient

94% of people who share blog posts do so because they think it might be helpful to others.

Source: Shorr Solutions

Having an active blog comes with many benefits; a blog can drive traffic and new patients to your site, create content to share on social media or through your email marketing, and helps with your website’s SEO strategy. A blog enables you to consistently create content for existing patients and new patients. There is also the added benefit that even if you redesign your website you will always have your blog’s content! Many plastic surgeons opt to have an agency supplement their blogging content or hire a freelance writer. The most important aspects to any blog is that posts are consistently added, each blog post is focused on a single topic, and the blog needs to have tremendous value for the reader. Being an plastic surgeon you have a wealth of knowledge and sharing that knowledge helps; your authority as an surgeon, drives more qualified traffic to your site, and helps users understand aesthetic procedures, what they entail, and their benefits.

We recommend every practice have an active blog, but because it can be time-consuming to keep updated you should explore using an plastic surgery marketing company to supplement your content. This will ensure your practice’s blog always has fresh content and gives you the flexibility to add your own blogs at your own pace!

Creating an Engaging Blog

  1. Post Consistently
  2. Choose Topics that will Resonate with Your Patients
  3. Always Have A Call-To-Action

Traditional Plastic Surgery Marketing

Traditional marketing is focused on getting in front of patients offline. These channels typically are pay to play and are outbound focused (patient didn’t seek out your marketing message) verse digital marketing channels which typically are focused on inbound leads (patients that are seeking a solution to their problem and come across your marketing message). At Advice Media we realize there are benefits to traditional marketing so we have included tips, but inbound and digital marketing holds great potential to generate new patients. Web marketing for plastic surgeons is worth exploring to see how it can benefit your practice.

Offline Plastic Surgery Advertisements (TV, Radio, Billboards, Newspaper, & Mailers)

  • Generating New Patients: Effective
  • Do It Yourself: Very Difficult
  • Typical Cost:
    • Local TV: $200 – $1,500 per 30 second ad
    • Local Radio: $500 – $8,000 per week
    • Billboards: $500 – $20,000 per month
    • Regional Newspaper Ads: $700 to $15,000 for ¼ page ad
    • Mailers: $250 – $2,000 per 1,000 mailers

Comparing the weekly average (minutes/user) for Q4 2015 versus Q4 2016, traditional TV is down 9%, PC is up 57%, tablet is up 68%, and smartphone is up 100%.

Source: Forbes

Traditional marketing can be a great way to reach new patients and can instantly impact your plastic surgery practice. However, you need to make sure you have a clear goal for each of these ads and have a set process to track the ROI for each marketing channel. You can track the effectiveness of each source with a specific landing page on your website or having a specific phone number leads can call. These channels are typically large investments and take months to measure the ROI and the value they generated for your practice. The prices listed above do not account for the creative production of the ads.

Traditional marketing is on the decline and becoming less effective, harder to prove its ROI, and you need to consider your digital marketing options.

Important Pricing Factors

  1. Circulation / Reach
  2. Demographics
  3. Impressions

Plastic Surgery Business Development

  • Generating New Patients: Somewhat Effective
  • Do It Yourself: Possible
  • Typical Cost: Free

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.

Source: H.E. Luccock

A partnership may sound strange as a small business, but you may leaving money on the table. If you are an aesthetic practice that doesn’t perform surgical procedures and recommend your patients to a few other Plastic Surgeon this is a great opportunity to form a partnership for exclusive referrals and vice versa. But a partnership doesn’t need to be limited to fellow surgeons, you should consider forming partnerships with local newspapers (write a monthly article about medical procedures), or reach out to other complimentary businesses for social media contest giveaways. From a nail salon to a hair salon you can create an ultimate mommy makeover package! Get your whole team together to come up with creative marketing ideas.

We recommend first defining your ideal patient and then brainstorming with your staff and plastic surgery marketing firm for creative ways to partner with complementary businesses to grow your practice. Having the whole office work on this project helps your whole staff become invested in the success of your practice.

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1+1=3 Business Collaboration is Better Than Competition

4 Keys to a great partnership

  1. Mutually Beneficial
  2. Creates Value For your Patients
  3. Both Parties Committed To Each Other’s Success
  4. Clear Partnership Expectations

Aesthetic Referral Program

  • Generating New Patients Very Effective
  • Do It Yourself Possible
  • Typical Cost Free

92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.

Source: Nielsen

Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to generate new patients for your practice. To encourage that word-of-mouth marketing you need to create a referral program that clearly states the benefit to the patient (do they receive discounted services or cold hard cash), there should be a benefit for the new patient as well, and your staff needs to have a clear process for the referrals. Ease of use is extremely important for adoption of your program by your staff and patients. You will want to train your staff on how to request referrals, how to handle referral leads, and how billing will work for referred individuals. Many practices also consider incentivizing their staff to generate referrals and follow up promptly with new leads. Incentivizing your staff ensures the program will be a priority when speaking with happy patients.

It may be a large undertaking for your office initially but once your process is clearly laid out referrals may become one of your best plastic surgery marketing sources for generating new patients!

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How Loyalty Clubs Can Increase Your Practice's Profits

4 Keys to a Great Referral Program

  1. Easy to Understand
  2. Well Trained Staff
  3. Rewards for the Referee & Referrer
  4. Automate an email to the Referee from a form on your site

Plastic Surgery Offline Events (Open House)

  • Generating New Patients: Somewhat Effective
  • Do It Yourself: Possible
  • Typical Cost: $500 – $1,000/event

The most frequently mentioned factors when choosing a Med Spa were the providers competence (22%), the recommendation from someone known (21%), and the overall quality of the service provided (20%). Among the other factors mentioned were patience and respect. An open house is a great way to convey these values.

/ Source: NCBI

Planning an open house or event is a great way to create buzz for your practice’s grand opening, new location, an office remodel, or to give back to your loyal patients! You want to again consider your ideal customer. You want to ensure there are activities, catered food, prizes, promotional branded material, and clear staff instructions for office tours. Single day events can bring in over $100,000 in revenue in one day if promoted correctly and provides value to your patients.

We recommend trying to hold an open house at least once a year, this will help you learn from each year and patients can begin to expect the event each year!

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7 Tips For Creating An Awesome Event On Any Budget

3 Tips for any event

  1. Determine Event Goals
  2. Determine Event Budget
  3. Promote on Social Media

Plastic Surgery Community Building Events

  • Generating New Patients: Somewhat Effective
  • Do It Yourself: Possible
  • Typical Cost: $20-$1,000/month

It’s estimated that potential patients need to see a brand 7 times before the marketing message registers

Source: Business Insider

Community building is typically used for brand awareness and can be difficult to track its effectiveness on generating new patients but will help your practice become more recognizable. Many patients choose their plastic surgeon based on proximity so you want to ensure you are well known throughout your community. You most likely pursued a career in medicine to help people and continuing this passion into other areas of your community helps your brand, your staff camaraderie, and shows that you value your patients and your community. These are just a few plastic surgery marketing tips, but every community has their own unique opportunities.

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1+1=3 Business Collaboration is Better Than Competition

4 great community events to sponsor

  1. Local Races- Bonus if you and your staff participate
  2. Local Food Drives- Reach out to patients to participate with your office
  3. Local Sports- From Highschool to Minor League sports are affordable options
  4. Service Projects- Reach out to local schools or churches and see if there are volunteer opportunities

Plastic Surgery Speaking Engagements

  • Generating New Patients: Somewhat Effective
  • Do It Yourself: Possible
  • Typical Cost: Free

The most mentioned factor when choosing a Medical Spa was the doctos competence (22%).

Source: NCBI

To convey your authority and expertise as a plastic surgeon is by showing your patients you continue your education and stay up with the latest plastic surgery trends by attending trade shows and other learning events. If you can speak at these trade shows be sure to take lots of photos to share on social media, in your newsletter, and on your website. This helps patients build trust as they see you stay current with the latest technology or are teaching fellow surgeons as an expert in your field. This may not directly generate new patients but will help when potential patients are deciding between you and your competition.

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How To Build A Thriving Practice And Have Your Best Year Ever!

Med Spa Speaking Engagement Options

  1. Local Schools
  2. Trade Shows
  3. Chamber of Commerce
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