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30 Jun Facebook Adds Click-to-Call Button

As a part of the growing effort to accommodate mobile web searchers, Facebook added a “Call Now” button to their ads. The function will allow visitors to call your business directly from the social media platform. Now it’ll be easier to track more conversions from Facebook. As we’ve mentioned on the blog in the past, conversions from Facebook are tough to track. Potential customers must first...

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23 Jun How to Think About SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an integral part of every business model. If your website doesn’t perform well in search engines, your business will suffer. For businesses that are new to digital marketing, it’s important to understand the value of SEO, hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS), and collecting data. Whether you’re brand new to SEO or you’ve already developed a digital marketing strategy,...

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17 Jun Advice Media Acquires MedNet Technologies

Advice Media will further expand its digital marketing operations and services for healthcare professionals with the acquisition of MedNet Technologies. The talented team at MedNet will be joining Advice Media to provide the best patient acquisition and retention solutions for their respective clients. Advice Media, the industry leader in digital marketing for healthcare professionals, continues its strategic growth with the acquisition of MedNet Technologies. The deal...

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09 Jun Writing Emails to Engage Readers

Do you or your staff write emails on a daily basis? Perhaps you’re interacting with vendors, colleagues, or even patients. No matter the content, you want your reader to fully engage with your message. Whether you’re solely passing along information or eliciting some sort of response, your emails need to be effective. We’ve already given you some information on how to write engaging subject lines because...

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02 Jun SEO Strategies That Sound Like Good Ideas But Aren’t

The internet is full of tips and tricks about how to maximize SEO for your website. Even as a non-expert, you likely recognize which tactics are a bit too sketchy. But some tactics seem legitimate but actually harm your SEO strategy. You also probably know that many, many factors contribute to SEO. Definitely too many to keep track of without it being your full-time job...

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26 May Top 10 Call-to-Action Tips

You may not realize it, but you write calls-to-action everyday! Whether you’re creating a flier to post in your office, drafting an email to send to patients, or writing a quick Facebook post, you have a message that you want people to act upon. We have a ton of experience writing calls-to-action (CTAs). In fact, we’ve used CTAs in nearly all of your digital marketing...

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19 May Does Social Media Lead to Conversions?

When it comes to developing your digital marketing strategy, determining whether or not social media is worthwhile for your practice is tough to measure. But our team can reassure you that maintaining active social media accounts matters, even if you can’t put a number to the positive results. Tracking website traffic from your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ page is easy. And it’s a great indicator...

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12 May What’s Engagement, Really?

If you subscribe to social media services with Advice Media, you’ve certainly heard us talk about engagement with your customers. But what does it really mean? Social marketing is driven largely by engagement. Traditional forms of marketing lack a means to communicate with your customer immediately following your print ad or commercial placement. But social media platforms provide a forum for your patients to like, comment,...

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05 May Need to write a Facebook post? Here are some ideas!

We love social media! Finding posts for your business page is one of the best parts of our job. But we know that some of the most engaging posts come straight from your practice. As much as we would like to be, we’re not in your office every day interacting with your patients, enjoying the beautiful weather, or celebrating the same occasions. And that’s exactly...

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28 Apr 4 Tips for Writing Compelling Email Subject Lines

So you’ve written an awesome email… you’re offering a new service that will solve all of your patients’ problems, you’ve planned an open house to showcase the procedure, and your invitation email provides your customers with all of the details. Now how do you pack the same impact into a subject line to ensure your message gets opened and read? To give you an idea of...

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