Responsive Devices_March 2015

03 Mar New Google Algorithm Changes Are Mobile-Specific

As you’ve probably already realized, Advice Media is a responsive website advocate. All of our new website designs feature responsive technology, and we strongly encourage new customers to consider a responsive website conversion if their current websites are non-responsive. Google proved with its latest algorithm update that they’re on the exact same page. Since the update, websites without mobile designs have shown significantly lower mobile traffic...

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Google Map_Shutterstock

24 Feb Finding Your Business Via Local Search

Have you ever wondered how Google Places or Local Search finds your business? The answer might be different than you expect. To gain a basic understanding of how Google gathers businesses for search results in a given area, we should first define the term “centroid.” A centroid is the center of a geographic region. If you guessed that Google bases local search results on a centroid,...

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Ping Pong

19 Feb Introducing Advice Media’s 1st Annual Work-A-Thon!

Have you ever needed a ping pong break from scheduling an email marketing campaign at 1:30 in the morning? Neither had the Advice Media team until last Thursday night! Members from nearly every department (Customer Success, Design & Development, and Digital Marketing) committed themselves to working 24 hours straight at our Park City office and dubbed the occasion the 1st Annual Work-A-Thon (#workathon /#hackathon). Typical computer...

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Big Sale_March 2015

17 Feb Using Storytelling to Sell Your Deal

How to optimize your Facebook posts has been on the top of our minds lately. So we’re passing along some tips for how to post your deals without Facebook penalizing your Business Page for too many promotional posts. And we know that this will work… because the advice came right from Facebook! The key to not pushing a promotion is to tell a story instead. While you...

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Malicious Crawler_Feb 2015

10 Feb Google Analytics Filters Improve

At the end of last year, Google Analytics announced a new feature that will automatically exclude malicious bots and crawlers from website data. What are bots and crawlers, you may ask? Bots and crawlers collect content from the web. Malicious bots and crawlers interact with websites as though they are actual visitors but effectively skew traffic data. Most bots don't run the code on a website....

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Google Search_2.2.15_CROPPED

03 Feb Understanding Google’s Algorithm Changes

By Ryan Hill Whether you notice it or not, Google alters its search algorithm very frequently. So frequently, in fact, the Advice Media team witnessed over 500 changes in 2014. This fast-paced search environment makes digital marketing experts’ jobs both exciting and frustrating at times. Google never reveals the explicit details of their new or updated algorithms, so how organic search results will be affected is largely...

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27 Jan Facebook to Boost Video Posts, Implement New Video Tab

Do you remember a couple months ago when we told you that Facebook would penalize Business Pages with too many promotional posts? Now there’s a way for your business to hop back to the top of the newsfeed! Facebook revealed that video posts are on the rise (with a 94% increase in the United States and a 75% increase overall). Even better, their statistics show that...

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15 Jan GOED Recognizes Advice Media’s Growth

Advice Media is thrilled to house a growing staff in our beautiful Park City offices. What’s more, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development recognized our company’s continuing expansion with the EDTIF award! Our team consists of web developers, programmers, graphic designers, writers, and digital marketing specialists. And we’ll be creating up to 100 new jobs, approximately $17,571,355 in new state wages, within the next five years. “We...

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Customer Aquisition

12 Jan 8 Reasons Why You Need a Responsive Website

Smartphones and tablets have taken over web browsing! The same visitors that used to find your website on their desktop computers now stand in line at the grocery store, sit on the couch watching TV, and sip their coffee in cafes searching for information. Layout and content on your website need to be user-friendly on mobile platforms. Visitors don’t want to use their fingers to...

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06 Jan Facebook Adds Call-to-Action Button on Business Pages

Hark! Your business will soon (if not already) have the opportunity to generate more website traffic and increase customer acquisition directly from your Facebook Page! Within the next couple weeks, Facebook will be adding a Call-to-Action button on every Business Page. Facebook wants to boost your business objectives and make your involvement with their platform worthwhile. The button, strategically placed along the top of the Page...

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