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30 Jul Why You Still Need Google+ (Google My Business)

If your business has already invested some time developing your online marketing strategy, you’ve likely already decided to incorporate social media. Posting updates on Facebook keeps your customers engaged, tweeting from your office gives them a minute-by-minute update, and maybe you’ve even started adding creative content to Instagram and Pinterest. But where does Google+ fit into the mix? While not as widely talked about amongst your...

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28 Jul How to Grow Your Email List

How many email lists are you subscribed to? Probably more than just a few! And what made you choose to join a mailing list in the first place? What keeps you signed up? Maintaining a robust email list is an invaluable online marketing tool. Thinking about your own experience as an email subscriber can help guide your business email marketing strategy. Whether you want to attract...

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23 Jul Boost Your Visibility with PPC!

Have you been considering a pay-per-click campaign for your premier service? Now’s the time to get it started! According to IgnitionOne’s Q2 report, paid search grew 22% since last quarter. It’s the third quarter in a row that paid search saw growth in the double digits. What’s even better, click-through-rates increased by 35%. Whoa! What Does This Mean For YOU? More and more businesses are utilizing PPC...

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21 Jul Facebook Allows Your Customers to Prioritize Your Posts

As you’ve probably noticed (and read on our blog), Facebook posts from Business Pages have become harder and harder to organically appear in customer News Feeds. Facebook just announced that they’re giving businesses the opportunity to have their posts seen much more frequently… if your customers so desire. Facebook announced that users can prioritize friends and Pages that they want to surface at the top...

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14 Jul Social Media Versus SEO-Focused Content Marketing

Depending on your experience providing content for your customers, you may have a unique perspective on why you write, upload, post, or promote content in the first place. Perhaps you’ve only added content onto your website pages, you publish articles on your blog every week, or you’re constantly updating your Facebook business page. Most likely, you’ve invested your time (and money) in the medium that...

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07 Jul 6 Important SEO Metrics to Track

As SEO experts, we hear customers ask this question all the time… How do I get to the top of search rankings? Yes - Ranking high can be an indicator of high website traffic. But it’s more important to evaluate the quality of the traffic, as targeted traffic is the only way to make your digital marketing services worth your budget. Instead of focusing solely on...

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30 Jun Facebook Adds Click-to-Call Button

As a part of the growing effort to accommodate mobile web searchers, Facebook added a “Call Now” button to their ads. The function will allow visitors to call your business directly from the social media platform. Now it’ll be easier to track more conversions from Facebook. As we’ve mentioned on the blog in the past, conversions from Facebook are tough to track. Potential customers must first...

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23 Jun How to Think About SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become an integral part of every business model. If your website doesn’t perform well in search engines, your business will suffer. For businesses that are new to digital marketing, it’s important to understand the value of SEO, hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist (DMS), and collecting data. Whether you’re brand new to SEO or you’ve already developed a digital marketing strategy,...

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17 Jun Advice Media Acquires MedNet Technologies

Advice Media will further expand its digital marketing operations and services for healthcare professionals with the acquisition of MedNet Technologies. The talented team at MedNet will be joining Advice Media to provide the best patient acquisition and retention solutions for their respective clients. Advice Media, the industry leader in digital marketing for healthcare professionals, continues its strategic growth with the acquisition of MedNet Technologies. The deal...

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09 Jun Writing Emails to Engage Readers

Do you or your staff write emails on a daily basis? Perhaps you’re interacting with vendors, colleagues, or even patients. No matter the content, you want your reader to fully engage with your message. Whether you’re solely passing along information or eliciting some sort of response, your emails need to be effective. We’ve already given you some information on how to write engaging subject lines because...

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