Google Search

30 Apr How Google is Changing with Changes in Search

Once upon a time, search was so predictable. People were at home or work at their desktop computer and would enter a search at Answers would come ranked and users decided what to do from there. Now, search comes from everywhere, least of which seems to be the desktop. Smart phones, wearables, smart objects such as Amazon Echo, in cars. Everyone is searching now when...

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15 Apr Improving Your Local Ranking on Google

When people search for things such as Italian restaurants or hardware stores, Google assumes they are seeking local options so it returns local results. For instance, if you search for Italian restaurant and you’re in Omaha, a famous New York City trattoria won’t show up. What comes up, complete with star ratings, addresses, and hours, and is colloquially called the “three-pack,” three listings and their...

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30 Mar It’s Not Hal, But RankBrain Learns for Google

Artificial intelligence is big these days, with the debate centering on the ethics of a computer brain some day rivaling its human counterpart. Of course, this is nothing new. Hal, the famous computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey, released way back in 1968, seemed way too smart for his britches, er, circuits back almost 60 years ago. Then there’s Mother from Alien, who was obviously...

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social media

15 Mar Listening to Your Social Media

Some of our clients view their social media efforts as a necessary evil. Others view it as a way to engage customers when they’re outside the physical practice. Regardless of your personal views on social media interaction at your practice, there is one universal must — respond to customer complaints, questions, or posts in a timely fashion! Social media has become a place where customers can...

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28 Feb Facebook Tips for Your Practice

Having a Facebook page is a must for any business, particularly those that have a direct personal relationship with their clients/patients, as all of our Advice clients do. And you’re not alone — earlier this year Facebook announced it now has over 50 million small business pages! If you’re the person who manages the Facebook page for your practice, it’s easy to get in a rut...

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15 Feb To Like…or Love, HaHa, Yay, Wow, Sad, or Angry — Facebook to Debut New “Reactions”

The “like” button on Facebook is a much loved, and used, thing. Statistics show that the 1.6 billion Facebook users click the like button six billion times a day. That’s a lot of liking going on. The like button has really been a way for people to recognize, support, or appreciate anything posted by other users on your timeline. But what if someone posts something on...

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30 Jan An Integrated Approach to Bringing Customers to Your Practice

At Advice, we’re big believers in using all the arrows in the quiver to bring patients to your practice. You may know us for building your website and optimizing it to achieve its full potential. But those two services are just a part of what we call our Customer Acquisition Services menu. Together, these services cover all the bases in digital marketing, making sure potential...

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08 Jan Facebook Adds New Communication Tools for Page Managers

The first week of December, Facebook announced that it now has over 50 million small businesses using pages to communicate with their current and prospective customers. To mark that milestone, the social media monster also announced a set of new tools for those businesses to make it easier to handle those communications. The tools center around making life simpler for page managers who, after all, are...

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Woman searching on Google website using iPad tablet computer

07 Dec Google Curtails Display Information with New Rules on Local Search Results

Quietly announced in August and fully implemented in November, Google has once again changed the rules for local searches. While this update was not a change in local search ranking factors, it dramatically changed the way local business information is displayed in the search engine results page. These changes may not be a good thing for local businesses that have invested heavily in organic search...

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30 Nov Google Gets You: A Smarter Natural Language Search Understands More About What You’re Looking For

When you turn to Google to answer a question, you probably want to ask for information using “natural language,” or the way you naturally phrase a question—just as if you were asking a friend. For example: “What was the most popular movie in 2010?” One issue with such natural language searches has been that Google didn’t always understand some of the ways we innately use language...

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