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27 Aug PPC 102: What to Expect from Your PPC Campaign

Now that we’ve given you the scoop about pay-per-click, let’s delve into some details about what to expect from the PPC process. Regrettably, it’s not as easy as clicking the Google “Promote” button and inputting your business and website information. (Hint: There is no Google “Promote” button.) It takes some time and effort from your PPC analyst to create a PPC campaign that rocks! We’ll do...

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25 Aug PPC 101: What is PPC?

If you’ve been building a digital marketing strategy that’s running smoothly so far, it might be time to consider a pay-per-click campaign. PPC is the quickest way to boost conversions and return on investment for your business. Essentially, it’s the kick in the pants your overall strategy needs to get ahead of your competition, even more so than developing smart organic strategies. But maybe you’ve...

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Facebook message notification.

20 Aug Facebook Adds Private Messaging for Business Pages

Have you read your comments in the past and wished that there was a better way to communicate with individual customers via Facebook? Now you’ve got options! Facebook recently made some changes to how Business Pages interact with their followers. While before you were subject to responding in the format that your customer initiated contact (cue hashing out customer service misunderstandings publicly), you have the choice...

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18 Aug Yelp Adds Consumer Alert for Review Fraud

Would you buy a product from a business that you know has paid for positive online reviews? We didn’t think so! If the reviews you’re reading may or may not be true, you’re not likely to pay for products or services from that provider. They immediately lose your trust when you think about how easily they decided to cut corners to promote their business. As...

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13 Aug Now’s the Time to Post Videos

Have you ever had something interesting happen at your office that you wish you could share with your patients? You can… and you should! The world needs to see your dog when he works as your medical assistant, a little sibling who gets into the retainer case drawer, and the prank you play on your office manager. What makes posting videos to Facebook right now...

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11 Aug Why You Need to Provide a Quality User Experience

Because Google says so! Well… that’s not the exact reason. But Google, along with other search engines, are constantly looking for ways to keep their users happy. After all, search engine users are Google customers before they’re your customers. And what do Google users want? Informative content on the term they searched served hot and fresh.    Give Them What They Want! Your potential customers want you...

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06 Aug I’m A Cosmetic Surgeon. Why Don’t People “Like” Me?

In some ways, cosmetic surgeons have a tough time on social media. Your job entails improving patients’ self-esteem through cosmetic surgery, but those patients aren’t always likely to engage with your social media pages. We’ve suspected that this is the case for a while. But now we have data to prove it! RealSelf recently published a study wherein 700 respondents sent their feedback about their...

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04 Aug Why Am I Not Ranking?

We’re big believers that search engine ranking isn’t the best indicator of your website health. There are plenty of metrics that demonstrate quality traffic reaching your site that have nothing to do with ranking. But we understand that its tough to see your competitors’ websites above your own in the search results. To give you a better understanding of why this may be the case,...

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30 Jul Why You Still Need Google+ (Google My Business)

If your business has already invested some time developing your online marketing strategy, you’ve likely already decided to incorporate social media. Posting updates on Facebook keeps your customers engaged, tweeting from your office gives them a minute-by-minute update, and maybe you’ve even started adding creative content to Instagram and Pinterest. But where does Google+ fit into the mix? While not as widely talked about amongst your...

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28 Jul How to Grow Your Email List

How many email lists are you subscribed to? Probably more than just a few! And what made you choose to join a mailing list in the first place? What keeps you signed up? Maintaining a robust email list is an invaluable online marketing tool. Thinking about your own experience as an email subscriber can help guide your business email marketing strategy. Whether you want to attract...

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