Four review speech bubbles.

06 Oct How Negative Reviews Help Your Reputation

Turning on your office computer at the beginning of your workday only to find a negative online review can be unsettling. You might provide thoughtful service to your customers everyday, but some will still be unsatisfied for one reason or another. While no one ever wants to receive a negative review, we’re here to tell you… it's not the end of the world, either! Your...

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Finger pointing at a floating online search bar.

01 Oct Google Local Search Has A New Display!

Have you searched for a local business recently? Was the display the same as you remember? Probably not! You know that Google continuously alters their algorithm to improve user experience. After all, the customers who searched for your business online were Google customers first. However, the latest change involved the Google Local Search display. Here’s a quick breakdown of the changes you’ll notice when you search for...

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Google search screen

29 Sep Don’t Forget About Organic

Okay, okay! We know we’ve been blogging about paid search and social media A LOT lately. But we took a step back to remember organic search, and we still think it’s pretty great! We’ve always believed that a dynamic approach is the best approach. Each piece of a digital marketing strategy is stronger as part of the whole. While less glamorous than the other methods, organic...

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Man shooting a video on his phone.

24 Sep Optimizing Your Videos for Facebook

Facebook videos are a great way to engage your followers and increase the visibility of your posts. At a time that organic visibility for Business Page posts is low, videos can make all the difference. In the past, Facebook users needed to post videos to a separate YouTube account before including a link in a post. But now, Facebook supports native videos. In fact, they...

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Computer with "Online Marketing" on the screen.

22 Sep Do You Need PPC?

We’ve been talking a lot about PPC lately. But you might still be wondering if starting a PPC campaign is the right move for your business. The answer is probably YES! If you need some convincing, here are three questions to ask yourself: Are you a local business? PCC is great for attracting locals to your business. When a potential customer notices that your business is...

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Woman logging into Facebook from her cell phone.

17 Sep Mobile Feature Added to Facebook Business Pages

Facebook continues to make their mobile platform more and more accessible for local businesses. Last week, the social media network added Shop and Services sections for Business Pages in the “Local Business or Place” category. That means YOU! The feature will provide a venue to further promote your products and services. For example, the Shop section will highlight a Buy button to encourage customers to purchase...

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Woman researching on a laptop.

15 Sep Writing An Email? Consider Your Female Customers!

We’re probably not the first ones to tell you that women make many of their families’ healthcare decisions. Perhaps even the bulk of your customers are women. You’ll be happy to learn that women also respond particularly well to online marketing, specifically email marketing. Woman are more likely to fully engage with your emails. They want more information, more examples, and more connections between their...

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Cartoon hand holding a cell phone with a place location in front of a building.

10 Sep Local SEO – It’s Where It’s At

We love nothing more than to hear about customers traveling to your business from faraway places because they found your website and were completely wowed! But we also understand the importance of giving your local customers plenty of attention. At the end of the day, they’re your best source for continued patronage. So… Make sure you keep a focus on local SEO! Many of you are already...

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Cartoon hand holding a large key with "words" written below.

08 Sep How to Pick PPC Keywords

Have you started a pay-per-click campaign? Our PPC Analyst makes a point to send chosen keywords to customers before their campaigns launch. But you may not realize how much thought goes into each keyword. It’s not just about the words! Keywords are about your customers, your content, and your industry. The right word attracts customers who are ready for your services, highlights your website content,...

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Person holding a cell phone with the Google Maps app open.

03 Sep Are you having trouble leaving Google reviews on mobile? Here’s why!

If you’ve left a Google review from your mobile browser in the past, you might be surprised to find out that doing so is no longer an option. What?! Fortunately, there’s another way. With the Google Maps mobile app, your business can still receive reviews quickly and easily from customers who prefer mobile. Here’s how to leave a review via Google Maps: Download the mobile app. If...

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