26 May Top 10 Call-to-Action Tips

You may not realize it, but you write calls-to-action everyday! Whether you’re creating a flier to post in your office, drafting an email to send to patients, or writing a quick Facebook post, you have a message that you want people to act upon. We have a ton of experience writing calls-to-action (CTAs). If fact, we’ve used CTAs in nearly all of your digital marketing...

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Social Media Conversions _ Blog Image

19 May Does Social Media Lead to Conversions?

When it comes to developing your digital marketing strategy, determining whether or not social media is worthwhile for your practice is tough to measure. But our team can reassure you that maintaining active social media accounts matters, even if you can’t put a number to the positive results. Tracking website traffic from your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ page is easy. And it’s a great indicator...

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What's Engagement _ Blog Image

12 May What’s Engagement, Really?

If you subscribe to social media services with Advice Media, you’ve certainly heard us talk about engagement with your customers. But what does it really mean? Social marketing is driven largely by engagement. Traditional forms of marketing lack a means to communicate with your customer immediately following your print ad or commercial placement. But social media platforms provide a forum for your patients to like, comment,...

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05 May Need to write a Facebook post? Here are some ideas!

We love social media! Finding posts for your business page is one of the best parts of our job. But we know that some of the most engaging posts come straight from your practice. As much as we would like to be, we’re not in your office every day interacting with your patients, enjoying the beautiful weather, or celebrating the same occasions. And that’s exactly...

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Email Subject Line _ Blog Post

28 Apr 4 Tips for Writing Compelling Email Subject Lines

So you’ve written an awesome email… you’re offering a new service that will solve all of your patients’ problems, you’ve planned an open house to showcase the procedure, and your invitation email provides your customers with all of the details. Now how do you pack the same impact into a subject line to ensure your message gets opened and read? To give you an idea of...

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PPC Vanity Search _ Blog Post (2)

21 Apr Think Before You Search Your PPC Campaign

We know how tempting it can be to Google search your own business. If you’re spending your business dollars on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, you want to be sure that your ads are showing up when your keyword terms are searched. For your own benefit, resist the urge to type your business name (or any associated keywords) into the search bar! To give you a better...

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Hashtag _ Blog Post

14 Apr Hashtags 101

Have you ever used a hashtag (#)? Believe it or not, hashtags have been around for almost eight years now (WOW!). But like many businesspeople, you may not know how to use a hashtag effectively. We’re here to give you some pointers on how to utilize a hashtag as a marketing tool. To start, let’s give you some context. A hashtag is used in social media posts...

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07 Apr How Should I Respond to Negative Feedback?

We’ve all been there before… you received negative feedback about your business publicly. Maybe your displeased customer chose to vent their frustrations in a Yelp review, on your answering machine, or even in a comment on your Facebook Business Page. Not to worry! We’ve collected some tips on how to minimize the damage and start turning the negative comments back into positive ones. TOP 4 DOS Apologize –...

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Google Mobile-Friendly _ Blog Post

02 Apr Google Search Will Favor Mobile-Friendly Websites

We’ve given you the heads up a couple of times recently, but now it’s official! Google has acknowledged that the search engine will favor mobile-friendly sites starting April 21st. What’s better, Google collected a list of suggestions to help your mobile-friendly site perform well with the new algorithm. First and foremost… if you don’t have a responsive website, you need to convert ASAP! Google noticed that...

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31 Mar Beware of “Reputation Management” Companies

The Advice Media team has your back! We provide great tips about optimizing your directory listings, posting relevant content on your social media pages, and how to increase your overall web traffic. It’s come to our attention that some of our clients have expressed interest in companies that provide “reputation management” or “review management” services. Our Digital Marketing Specialists, as well as Google, strongly recommend NOT...

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