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Welcome to Advice Media’s Webinar Series. We try to hold a monthly webinar to help our clients’ practices see more success, whether through online marketing to being compliant with online laws, we cover it all. We have organized our content so you can watch an entire webinar or just a few digestible subtopics. Take a look around!

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This month, Advice Media is pleased to welcome Jay Shorr, the founder and managing partner of The Best Medical Business Solutions, a Florida-based medical practice consulting firm assisting practices with their operational, administrative and financial health.

Does the thought of asking for things on YOUR terms make your stomach do back flips?

Do you HATE the thought of having to ask for the dollars you know should already be in your pocket?

Learn how to properly negotiate everything in your business, including office space, supplies, equipment, banking and credit cards, accounting/legal, financing terms and staff pay and incentives. We’ll give you real life examples of the benefits and pitfalls of proper negotiation, and each attendee will walk away with the understanding of how to be a better negotiator.

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Feb 16, 2017- The Top 6 Negotiating Tips EVERY Business Person Should Know

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