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Welcome to Advice Media’s Webinar Series. We hold a monthly webinar to help our clients’ practices see more success. We cover the latest patient trends, online marketing & being compliant with online laws, we cover it all. We have organized our content so you can watch an entire webinar or just a few digestible subtopics. Take a look around!

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Securing Your Website – Google Announces Major Change

The security of your website and data in your practice has become a major secure in recent years. It is also a major concern for anyone who uses the internet. Google has recently announced a major change which is coming in October 2017 that may require you to update or upgrade your website security to protect you and to protect visitors to your website. In this webinar, Joe Varlack, Digital Marketing Team Lead for Advice Media will discuss what this means for you and your practice. Joe has over 10 years experience in helping practices grow their practice and has seen a myriad of changes from Google during that time.

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