Web Power for OBGYN Practices

Keep your website safe and secure.

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Web Power Basics

Your website has to be up and running for it to be effective.

With the Web Power product from Advice Media,  your website will run on trusted and secure servers that are continuously monitored.  

Security and Protection

Web Power includes:

  • Automatic website scans
  • Fights against hacking attempts
  • An automatically renewed SSL certificate for your website 
  • HTTPS implementation to protect users’ privacy and data and provide a secure experience for prospective patients seeking a cosmetic surgeon they can trust

Our guarantee

Everything will be done to ensure your site won’t get hacked. In the rare instance that an issue arises, your website will be fixed at no additional cost.

With Web Power, your website will always be secure from viruses and other threats that can be encountered online.

Did you know ... ?

There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds in the US alone.

Source: University of Maryland


of cyber attacks target small businesses.


of small businesses think they’re too small for a cyber attack.


Cybercrime costs small and medium businesses $2.2 million+ a year.


On average 30,000 new websites are hacked every day.

Keep Your Website Up and Running Quickly

Advice Media’s complex and robust server network hosts our sites on 90+ servers located throughout the world. This ensures websites hosted by Advice Media load at the fastest speed, helping your patients get the information they need when they need it. 

Redundancy is built into our network to safeguard against failure.

If one server fails, content is simply served from one of the many others in a process that happens automatically and without interruption to you, your patients, or visitors to your site.

Web Power provides management, updates, and back-ups to your website constantly.

Maintaining the highest standards of performance and security, Web Power is designed to ensure all sites have the latest software updates and patches in order to keep your patient’s information safe from online attacks and ensure your site meets all necessary search engine requirements. 

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