Social Power for OBGYN Practices

Social media platforms provide the extensive reach needed to help your practice stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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Social media can seem like a place where your friends brag about their vacations, but it has actually become a crucial step in potential patients becoming actual patients. 

Many potential patients, especially the younger females you need at your practice, look at a medical practice’s social media presence when weighing whether or not to become an actual patient. When your practice is active on social media, it shows patients and potential patients another side of their gynecologist/obstetrician and your entire staff. This builds trust and loyalty.

Social Media Basics

Advice Media’s Social Power product works in tandem with other marketing products to help you build rapport with patients, drive traffic to your website, improve your search rankings, amplify your messaging to clients, boost your reputation, and drive high-quality leads.

Ultimately, these strategies convert leads into patients and generate more revenue for your gastroenterology practice.

A recent study done in January 2020 shows that there are 3.80 billion people that are active on social media.

Source: Hootsuite



of social browsers use social media to research products.


of consumers claim they depend on influencer recommendations.


of US adults now report that they are Facebook users.


of Facebook users check their account every day

Are you taking advantage of this phenomenon?

Successful Strategy Components

Create Appealing and Engaging Content

Successful social media management means posting consistently. The other piece is to make sure that your posts are authentic and show your practice’s personality. 

Highlighting this through social media allows your practice and individual surgeons to showcase their expertise while creating a connection with potential patients.  Social media followers typically don't see themselves as customers as much as friends and fans. We help strengthen this connection through targeted social media campaigns and comprehensive long-term strategies. 

# Fun fact

Social media followers typically don't see themselves as clients as much as friends and fans.

Highlighting your personal side through social media allows your practice and individual doctors to showcase their expertise while creating a connection with potential patients.

Advice Media's Social Power tool is affordable and effective.

For practices without a lot of manpower, the system uses high-resolution images, compelling captions, and obstetric specific hashtags to post to Facebook and Instagram to showcase your practice. When supplemented by personal photos, videos, and graphics from you, we can create a complete image for your practice, letting people know a bit more about what makes you unique while celebrating the thread of humanity that connects us all. 

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Did you know ... ?

The average user spends 3 hours per day on social networks and messaging.

Source: Globalwebindex

Regular Posting

It’s important for your OB-GYN practice to have a presence on both Facebook and Instagram. 

With Social Power, you will receive three posts on Instagram and four posts on Facebook every week. 

These efforts help ensure your social media profiles are up to date, complete, compelling, and full of engaging content. We aim to convert followers into patients while simultaneously increasing your OB-GYN practice’s exposure.

Social Power provides you with a process to ensure your practice has regularly scheduled posts alerts you to interactions with your posts from your visitors.  Social media allows for a deeper and more personal connection with your potential and existing patients. Social Power makes sure your practice’s social presence is well-executed, on-brand, and strategically designed to maximize results.

Complete Your Online Presence with Social Power

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