Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

To succeed online, your law firm needs to be able to connect with prospective clients on the websites they use every day. Although your practice website may enjoy prominence in search engine results, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide massive reach that can help your firm stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Advice Media has extensive experience helping attorneys build rapport with prospective clients and generate positive reviews and ratings through leading social media sites. We also help our clients take advantage of paid advertising features on these networks to drive website traffic and gain and retain clients.

Organic and paid social media campaigns work in tandem with other marketing services to drive traffic to your website, improve your search rankings, amplify your messaging to clients, boost your reputation, and drive high-quality leads. Ultimately, these strategies convert leads into cases and generate more revenue for your law firm.

Here’s a look at some of the key social media platforms we have helped lawyers and law firms leverage as part of a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy. You can also find information about paid social advertising.

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Facebook has an average of nearly 2 billion active users every month. There is likely a massive audience of active Facebook users within your community as well.
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People on Facebook and other social media sites don’t just want to find local businesses. They want to find the best local businesses, and they often do that by looking at reviews, the authority of the business and how the business interacts with customers.

Facebook provides you with a robust vehicle to undertake all of these activities. The Social Media Team at Advice Media provides hands-on guidance to help clients manage their Facebook accounts and activities, including:

  • Account optimization: Our social media specialists work with you to ensure your account is complete and ideally positioned to earn users’ attention. This includes updating and optimizing your profile and banner images, maintaining the About and Services section of your profile and more.
  • Multimedia: Our team members work with you to publish photos of your office and staff and custom videos to personalize your law firm and connect with users.
  • Reviews management: Online reviews are a major factor in the online consumer’s buying decision. Our team monitors the reviews clients leave on your Facebook page, so you know what users are saying about you on social media.
  • Regular posting: Whether it’s your latest blog post, news about your attorneys and office staff, local happenings or just a fun update for holidays or observances, Facebook posts establish your legal expertise and humanize your firm, making you approachable and authoritative.

In addition to connecting with users organically, Facebook has a robust ad network. You can drive users to your website, boost posts to improve the visibility of your firm’s social presence and more. You can also target users very specifically based on location, demographics and behaviors, maximizing both the reach of your ads and the quality of the people who see them.

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No social media platform has greater immediacy than Twitter. From updates at your law firm to legal industry news to the latest content on your website, social marketing on Twitter helps you consistently stay in front of users and connect with influencers in your community and area of expertise.
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Our Social Media Specialists create a custom profile photo and banner image that makes your Twitter account consistent with the imagery and branding of your online marketing. By posting regular updates and monitoring your Twitter feed, we ensure that you stay relevant.

We also do the following to strengthen your exposure on Twitter:

  • Retweet updates from other users that speak to your audience
  • “Favorite” relevant tweets to signify your engagement with other users and your participation in the wider social conversation
  • Create custom Twitter lists comprising influencers within your community and the legal realm, so we can apprise you of trends, news and professional conversations
  • Monitor trending hashtags relevant to your firm
  • Integrate relevant hashtags into your social media marketing to enhance your brand

In just 140 characters, Twitter enables you to enhance your credibility among social media users. The platform also gives you the ability to connect with influencers and conversations, amplifying your authority within these fields.


Advice Media helps you set up your LinkedIn profile and/or create a page for your law firm so you can take full advantage of the premier social networking website for professionals. Like on your Facebook and Twitter pages, we post regular updates to keep your firm relevant and top-of-mind.

One of the most valuable features of LinkedIn is the ability to join professional groups. Our Social Media Specialists find relevant groups and join them so you can participate in discussions, receive updates and more.

Our team shares these updates with you and provides recommendations for managing your LinkedIn account most effectively. We also manage your InMail, a feature on LinkedIn that can help you build valuable connections with other professionals, learn about industry opportunities and more.

LinkedIn is also a highly effective solution for building contacts with other attorneys to create a referral network. Advice Media can help you update your profile, perform outreach, and create referral relationships that result in a steady stream of new cases.

Learn More about Our Attorney Referral Marketing Service.

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Paid Advertising on Social Media

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Social media isn’t just for making organic connections anymore. Facebook is home to an enormously robust advertising platform that can help attorneys pursue a number of marketing and lead generation goals.

Advice Media has extensive experience working with a variety of budgets to help lawyers stand out through paid Facebook advertising. Ad campaigns our Social Media Specialists commonly manage for clients on Facebook include:

  • Clicks-to-website campaign: Drives users from your ad to your website to increase traffic and engagement.
  • Boosted posts: Stand out by raising the profile of one of your Facebook posts. The boost can last anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks.
  • Likes campaign: Increase brand engagement by getting more users to “Like” your Facebook page. The more people “Like” your page, the more likely they are to see your posts and share them with their own social friends and followers.

Facebook isn’t the only social networking website with extensive advertising functionality. LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms enables you to publish sponsored content and generate quality leads through pre-filled forms. Twitter Ads provides options to gain more followers, target specific users and your amplify social media messaging campaigns.

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Team members at Advice Media can describe the potential benefits of each of these social advertising platforms and help you decide which options make the most sense for your budget and goals.

Learn More about Social Media Marketing

No two law firms are exactly alike, and your digital marketing shouldn’t be, either. Advice Media offers custom social media marketing options that allow you to select the platforms that get you in front of the most relevant and valuable users, increase your online presence and align your marketing with your lead generation goals.

Your conversation with an experienced Internet marketing specialist is absolutely free, so call Advice Media at 435.575.7470 or fill out the form today to learn more about marketing your law firm on social media.

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