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Website Management has become a critical component of both Google’s ranking algorithm and the end user experience. Google favors rapid serving with no delays, because the end user will leave a website that takes too long to load. Google wants to see page load times of two seconds or better. Not coincidentally, those loads time will keep prospective clients using your site because it meets or exceeds their expectations for rapid information gathering.

Expertly managing a website to meet these demands requires a world-class team managing a world-class product, like the Website Management team and Web Power product at Advice Media. To keep your website fully functional and up-to-date, our product is watching the status of your website constantly. With a network of monitoring centers throughout the world, we have 24/7 uptime monitoring down to the minute. In addition to server status, our platform monitors and prevents security and malware attacks.

Hosting On 90+ Servers

While we employ an excellent monitoring system, we rarely ever see any issues. Advice Media hosts your website on the industry’s leading infrastructures on 90+ servers around North America and the world. Our robust server network ensures that your information is always accessible to potential clients, loads at the fastest speeds, and backs up on a regular basis. The network has complete redundancy so that if a server ever goes down, the content can be served from one of the other many still functioning servers. Our servers are backed up daily and contain the highest standard of virus protection.

Furthermore, Web Power manages the updates to your website constantly. Just like a word processing application or an operating system, website software needs frequent updating to ensure a high level of performance and security from hackers. WebPower makes sure that you always have the latest software updates and patches to keep your site running the way Google and customers want it to run.


The days of being able to use a cheap, shared GoDaddy or Host Gator account are over. Rest assured with Advice Media, you will only get the best.

Our Website Management product includes:

  • Hosting your website on 90+ servers for fast load times and complete redundancy
  • Delivering the most current technologies
  • Installing critical updates
  • Maintaining network speed and services
  • Installing and maintaining virus protection and security
  • Reporting website status to implement necessary changes

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