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Medical Practice Website Design Essentials

Your website is typically a potential patient’s first impression of your practice. Your site has to introduce you, give a tour of your office, detail the services you provide, explain your procedures, and schedule an appointment.

And it has to do all of this in 2.9 seconds. That’s the time it takes to make an emotional connection and keep that potential patient on your site.

That’s a big job, blending elegant design with seamless functionality. At Advice Media, we’ve been on the cutting edge of healthcare website design for over two decades. We’ve built thousands of sites across dozens of medical specialties, and we’ve seen trends come and go. Through it all, we’ve identified design elements and practices that are critical for building great healthcare websites.

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Homepage Essentials

Your website has to work hard to interest, inform, and capture potential patients and keep current patients engaged. It all starts with your homepage. You should try to include each of these features on your medical practice’s homepage.

  1. Highlight Core Procedures — What are your areas of specialization? What do you want to be known for?
  2. Doctor Bio — Let’s hear about your expertise, training, and why you’re the clear choice.
  3. Trust symbols — Let’s see your credentials.
  4. Quick Contact Form — When the patient’s ready, contact is just a click away.
  5. Map/Location — Where are you? How do I get there?

Is your current homepage driving away potential patients? Attract more patients from the moment they land on the website. Send us a message to discuss how we can help your practice.

Web Design Essentials

How to Attract More Patients through Your Website

Web Design Feature Benefit
Mobile Responsive Website Design Patients can access your website on any device.
Static Menu Patients can easily contact your office.
High Resolution Photography Instill patient trust.
Before & After Galleries Establish your authority & quality of work.
Prominent Calls-To-Action Eye catching animations encourage potential patients to contact your office.
WordPress Platform Versatile platform that can accommodate all of your practice needs.
Mobile Responsive Website Design
Once a patient comes to you, it can be a lifetime relationship. The question is: Are you making it as easy as possible to find your practice website on every device? Mobile search has now surpassed desktop, including searches for healthcare providers*. Your desktop and mobile sites need to feel like the same practice, yet with dramatically different functionality. A site that isn’t mobile-friendly tells a potential patient to keep looking for another provider.
Static Menu
No matter how mobile-friendly the design, if users can’t instantly get where they want to go they’re gone. That’s why our mobile designs include a static menu. This menu stays docked at the top of the screen, providing instant access to your entire site menu — procedure pages, before and after galleries, about us, etc. — along with a one-click phone number link.
In the animation to the right, see how the menu sticks as the user navigates the site? This makes it easy to find a procedure or to contact your office.
Static Menu Optometry
High-Resolution Images

High-resolution, quality images look great on any screen, engage the user, break up copy sections, and reflect the focus on quality at your practice.

75% of users make a judgement about a company’s credibility based on its web design
– Stanford

Engaging Content & Layout

The goal of our website designs is to make it easy, enjoyable, and informative for a user visiting a page. To do this we incorporate different types of engaging content: well-written copy, images, videos, animations, before and after photos, and more to make a page really inviting. We utilize a page hierarchy that helps the user walk down the page in a logical, easy-to-digest way.

Animations & Video

Users love animations and videos. The effort necessary from the user has a lower threshold, and a detailed copy is there if more information is wanted. Video usage has exploded on the Internet, and we make sure your website is moving, literally, with the times.

Reading about a procedure is one thing — seeing before and after photos is quite another. Before and after galleries are a great way of making a procedure “real” for a user. A user can look for a person with a similar build or features and see how the procedure actually changed his or her appearance. Before and after galleries are a portfolio of your work, and they are excellent at moving patients from considering a procedure to booking one.

Benefits of a Before and After Gallery
  1. Move Users from Curious to Calling for Appointment — Before and after photos help patients see the results of a procedure on real people. Suddenly a procedure that was a curiosity can become a reality. Before and after galleries motivate potential patients to become actual patients.
  2. It’s your portfolio — Before and after galleries are your place to show off your work. It’s helpful to describe various aspects involved with various procedures when patients open a gallery.
  3. Establish you as an expert — With more galleries from different procedures, potential patients begin to see you as an expert who is perfectly suited to solve their problems.
Flexible Platform

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 20+ years of building medical websites, it’s that they will be different tomorrow. That’s why we build every one of our sites in WordPress, which is the platform that powers about one-third of all the sites on the Internet. WordPress gives our sites the flexibility to expand and grow with our clients’ practice. If you’re a dermatologist who wants to sell a skincare product line, we can add an online store in minutes. Chat functionality. Online appointment booking. You don’t know what your site will eventually need, but we know we can add the necessary functionality.

Also, we never hold your site hostage and because your site won’t be built on proprietary technology, like some competitors, you can take your site with you if you do decide to leave.

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Website Development Features Included in Every Site

What’s the point of a beautiful medical website if it’s not functional? We build sites that are secure, nimble, and reliably accessed.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates provide secure, encrypted communications between a website and an Internet browser. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, the protocol that provides the encryption. SSL Certificates are essential to ensure your site is protecting visitors’ data. Example pages include payment pages, online forms, and pages with a contact form.
How an SSL Certificate looks like on every browser

Key benefits include:
  1. Establishing authority and trust
  2. Defending site from malware attacks
  3. Encrypting the exchanged data to keep it secure
  4. Data cannot be modified or corrupted during transfer without being detected

Google made a recent announcement that websites without an SSL Certificate will be penalized in search rankings. Plus, it goes further — when a user attempts to enter data into a field, such as a contact form, Chrome now displays a “Not Secure” warning message. In the animation below, you can see how this works when a user starts to type in a form field. Lacking a SSL Certificate directly impacts the trust the user has in your site.

“We will publish updates as we approach future releases, but don’t wait to get started moving to HTTPS!”
-Emily Schechter, Chrome Security Team

Website Navigation

A website should have beautifully designed pages that make it clear what action the user should take next. A large part of moving a patient from considering a procedure to walking into your office is providing content that helps them make their decision. Potential patients need to intuitively understand your site, and a large piece is having clear bread crumbs and URL structure.

Reliable Servers

We host your website on an efficient, resilient, redundant infrastructure of 90+ servers across North American and the world. Our robust server network ensures that your information is always accessible to users, loads at the fastest speeds is backed up on a daily basis, and is protected by the highest standard of virus protection. The network has complete redundancy — if one server goes down your content can be served from a number of other still functioning servers.

Medical Web Design Benefits

  1. We design beautiful, comprehensive sites that follow medical website design best practices
  2. We incorporate engaging images, video, and animations to keep users on your site
  3. We incorporate prominent calls to action for efficient navigation
  4. We use best practices to convert potential patients
  5. We build sites that function seamlessly on any and all devices

Engaging Visitors

Your website’s homepage has only 2.9 seconds to engage visitors enough to keep them searching through your pages of service listings, photo galleries, and contact information. The homepage needs to be graphically compelling with punchy text that makes the visitor want to read more. Design influences potential patient conversion nearly as much as your qualifications and experience. So let’s make your website equally as compelling as your practice!

Advice Media implements strategies to attract potential patients and keep them interested. Our Website Design team starts with a full-screen homepage (along with the remainder of the website) to fully envelop the visitor. Additional pages are easy to navigate and we convey information in a concise format. And with consistent calls to action everywhere on your website, customers are more likely to call the office for an appointment. Once they have the realization that your practice is right for them, your contact information needs to be immediately accessible.

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Our Medical & Dental Website Design service includes:

  1. Designing a comprehensive website (either from the ground up or improving upon an existing version)
  2. Incorporating branding materials throughout your website
  3. Making sure that calls to action are prominent and easy to use
  4. Incorporating best practices for conversion optimization
  5. Responsive design to ensure that your website works on all desktop and mobile platforms

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