Utilizing RLSAs

Retargeting allows Advice Media to use cookies on the user’s computer or device. Google then places Display Ads for your practice targeted specifically to those visitors whenever they visit websites on Google’s Display Network, on mobile apps that feature Google ads, or even within Google Search through what is termed RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads). Let’s be the brains and let Google be the legs in promoting your business throughout a vast selection of websites frequented by your future customers!

RLSAs are valuable resources to Advice Media due to their availability for ad placement, as well as reframing targeting efforts to specific users as opposed to keywords entered into search engines. Typically, ads resulting from retargeting have higher click-through-rates, as potential patients have visited your website before in search of services that your practice offers. Data suggests that more ad impressions and website exposure leads to higher trust of your brand and increased conversion rates.

Reengaging Visitors

Retargeting placement is designed for ads to appear when potential patients have visited your website in the past but left before fully engaging. In an effort to direct them back to your website and ultimately call your office to schedule an appointment, Advice Media narrows the focus on specific visitors. We already know that these customers are in the market for your services; we simply need the opportunity to thoroughly convey the information they are pursuing. In many ways, Retargeting Ads are the final set of efforts in the paid search process to turn the “research phase” into the “purchasing phase.”

Increasing Conversion Rates

In general, Retargeting has become a standard in all online marketing strategies. As a website searcher, you have likely also been retargeted on and to websites through Google’s Display Network. Businesses in every category allocate budget for Retargeting due to proven results in reengaging website visitors and converting them into new customers. Potential customers view ads for your practice again and again (with capped frequency to not flood them with your ads in excess). Not necessarily after the first website visit but with repeated exposure, the patient picks up the phone and calls your practice. Overall, Retargeting is a great value and brings in much more targeted and high-converting traffic.

YouTube Ads are also effective tools for Retargeting. If text-only Retargeting efforts have been ineffective, placing YouTube Ads captures the attention of a more visual audience. Making your practice and staff visually accessible to potential patients further establishes trust and credibility for your brand, especially considering past exposure, and increases the chance for an office visit.


Our Retargeting service includes:

  • Targeting potential customers who have already visited your website, via URL, social media, organic Google search, paid Google search, etc.
  • Ad management by a Certified Google Partner Company
  • Capping frequency of retargeting ads to avoid overexposure
  • Ad copy, keywords, and settings optimization to drive customers to contact your business
  • Phone call and lead conversion tracking to refine ads and maximize results
  • A|B split testing for ad copy optimization
  • Monitoring and maintaining click through rate via keyword, ad copy, and quality score


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