PowerUp Local

Cleaning Up Your Listings

More than 150 million people access local directories each month, including potential patients searching for health information. In the ever-changing world of online optimization, directories remain an essential tool for the public. For years, search engines have gathered data from online directories like Superpages and Yelp to improve the customer experience. Advice Media has a firm grasp on how to make your practice listing the most appealing amongst a slew of competitor listings.

Likely after years of being in business, your practice has spontaneously generated a number of incorrect and duplicate listings. Search engines are easily confused by conflicting information, which results in a negative impact on traffic to your website. It’s not your fault! Automated bots create these listings for you without your permission or knowledge simply by scraping information from the Internet. You can’t eliminate these listings, but Advice Media can fix and manage them for you!

Our Digital Marketing team verifies that each listing is accurate, updated, and enhanced on a monthly basis. No excuse for search engines or potential customers to be lost in the Internet shuffle! As an issue that can be easily remedied, our team refuses to allow inaccurate listings to bog down your website visibility.

Creating a Consistent Message

PowerUp Local alleviates the burden of submitting to each of these directories manually. Our robust network consists of more than 60 local search engines and mapping sites, including Bing, Yahoo!, and Yelp. Additionally, our PowerUp Local Network includes more than 15 mobile apps for your customers to quickly find your business on the go. Our Digital Marketing team submits the same listing to all of these sites through one convenient portal, and often, the information is further aggregated to an infinite number of additional online directories.

Our team has the time and resources to enhance current listings for a more dynamic presence on otherwise straightforward information displays. In addition to business name, phone number, location, and website, we include descriptions, services, staff bios, and photos to increase the likelihood that search engines and searchers view your listing as the most valuable.

Consistency across all directory listings also improves your status in the Google algorithm. When Advice Media provides accurate and information-rich listings across the web, Google views your website with greater authority and higher credibility. When Google likes your website more than others, they send more traffic your way. Most importantly, this results in traffic through your doors and revenue for your practice!

Managing Reviews

As an added bonus, PowerUp Local allows your practice to monitor customer reviews from websites like Yahoo! and Yelp. Optional alerts notify you (in real time) when a customer leaves a review. While we cannot eliminate every negative review on the web, Advice Media can coach you on how to respond to feedback (both positive and negative). Instead of allowing negative reviews to tarnish your reputation, our team can help your practice put a positive spin on an unsavory situation. On the same note, we want your positive reviews to simply shine by reposting onto your website, social media accounts, and other digital marketing forums.

PowerUp Local is a fantastic resource! Advice Media can put it to work for your business!


Our PowerUp Local service provides:

  • Online visibility informationand tracking
  • Information accuracy adjustmentsfor consistency
  • Content enhancementsby submitting descriptions, services, photos, videos, etc.
  • Real-time alertsfor positive and negative reviews written about your practice
  • Risk mitigationby coaching you on how to respond to positive and negative feedback


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