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Increase visibility with Search Engine Marketing

The fastest way to hop to the top of Google search results is to utilize paid search advertising, also known as Pay-per-click. Pay-per-click ads, which are comprised of text only, appear above organic search results on major search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo! When patients search terms related to your practice and the services that you offer, Advice Media counts on Pay-Per-Click ads to identify potential customers and guide them to your website.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising. PPC ads are designed to charge customers for actual results. Your medical practice only pays when potential customers click on the ads that Advice Media places in connection to relevant search terms, hence the term pay-per-click. The model differs from a CPM model (cost per 1000 impressions) in that CPM models charge customers for 1000 ad impressions whether or not they result in clicks.

How will PPC benefit my medical practice?

Pay-Per-Click ads are very efficient for yielding return on investment. Advice Media can track the exact number of clicks to your site and collect conversion rates to link the amount of emails and phone calls your practice receives as a direct result of Pay-Per-Click. Monthly reports listing total conversions allow Advice Media to convey projected revenue resulting from your Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Importance of PPC

Google makes money from pay-per-click ads. They do not make money from serving up organic results. They only provide organic results as an inducement for you to use Google and, hopefully, click on a PPC ad instead of an organic result. Google has gotten very good at maximizing the number of PPC clicks versus organic clicks. For example, just a few short years ago, searchers clicked on organic results seven times for every PPC ad they clicked on. To Google, that meant they were losing 7x as much revenue as they were earning and they decided to change their approach.

The following comparative chart shows search results a few years ago compared with search results now. Note the following critically important changes:

  • The removal of the yellow background on the paid ads to make them look like organic results
  • The shifting of the right column of paid ads toward the center of the page to make it more likely that the viewer will click on an ad
  • The use of informational or definitional boxes related to the search query to push down the organic results thereby making it more likely that the viewer will click on a paid advertisement

Guess what…it worked. The latest studies show that PPC clicks now make up approximately half of all clicks, up from 12.5% just a few years ago. It’s pretty safe to say that PPC needs to be part of your Customer Acquisition strategy! 

Performing keyword research

Advice Media thoroughly researches possible search terms related to your business to ensure that your Pay-per-click ads appear in every customer search sphere. Whether or not the potential visitor clicks on your website link on the first appearance, steady exposure increases the likelihood that patients gain access to your site.

Once Pay-Per-Click ads are already running, our Digital Marketing team wants to make sure that only relevant searches pull up your website in the paid search ad section. Double-checking the search query report allows us to remove and exclude keywords that are bringing irrelevant or wasteful traffic to your website. No need to waste clicks on mistaken internet rovers when each click adds to your total campaign cost. Advice Media wants the highest possible conversion on your Pay-Per-Click investment.

Boosting your brand with paid advertising

Pay-per-click ads not only garner direct response conversions through emails and phone calls but also help build your brand. Each time a customer views your ad in the Google search results is called an impression (i.e. an impression on their conscious or subconscious memory). Research shows that more impressions lead to a greater trust of your brand (and subsequently your products and services).

Brand building adds more value than conversions alone for pay-per-click ad campaigns. Even if new patients reach your website through organic searches, increased visibility builds credibility for your practice even before booking an appointment, visiting your office, or meeting your staff. The more often web searchers see your ad, the more likely they are to become new customers.

What to expect with Advice Media Pay-per-click marketing

  • Potential customer targeting in your area (via Google) who are searching for your offered services
  • Ad management by a Certified Google Partner Company
  • Keyword research, expansion, implementation, and match-type tiered bidding
  • Search query report optimization and waste reduction for highest quality traffic
  • Phone call and lead conversion tracking to refine ads and maximize results
  • A|B split testing for add copy optimization
  • Monitoring and maintaining click through rate via keyword, ad copy, and quality score

Ready to get started?

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