Email Marketing

Retaining & Growing Your Database

While expanding your client base is crucial to the growth of your business, Advice Media wants to keep your current customers happy as well. Research shows that retention programs, such as email marketing, can produce a return on investment of 10:1. Our team can use your existing patient database to keep them informed about your growing and evolving practice. Email Marketing is a direct way to interact with your customers and even attract new customers through referrals. Having completed a procedure, past patients should be pleased with their experiences, receptive to learning more about additional services and/or ongoing maintenance, and inclined to pass information along to friends who may be in search of services that your practice offers.

Advice Media implements creative Email Marketing through a variety of platforms to develop email campaigns designed to bring customers back through your office door.

Newsletters & Announcements

Email Marketing options are endless! Any information that your practice would like to disseminate through your database can be sent in an appealing format. Monthly newsletters are excellent tools to keep past patients in touch with new procedures, show that your practice is up-to-date with relevant medical news, and remind your patients that you are available should they need your services in the future. Similarly, promotional coupons and new service announcements get patients thinking about more procedures. Recent studies show (for the plastic surgery field specifically) that patients receive three to five procedures in a lifetime. A marketing initiative (including Email Marketing) with Advice Media ensures that past patients keep your practice in their foresight for those additional services.

Email Marketing has the inherent benefit of reaching patients directly, as opposed to waiting for a website visit. Event and open house invitations (and other material with an end date) are ideal material for Email Marketing campaigns. Bringing customers back to your office brings them one step closer to receiving additional procedures from your practice.

While many of these emails can be information-based, Advice Media keeps in mind the value of a simple “Happy Holidays” from a service provider. Creative graphics and engaging copy are givens in all Email Marketing material, but designing seasonal email templates adds a bit of color to an otherwise information-heavy campaign.

Database Administration

An active email database is a priceless resource! Advice Media focuses on quality correspondence to ensure that email recipients practically look forward to a monthly newsletter. We want your practice to be an essential resource for both past and future patients. Email Marketing provides a venue for new content, as well as a platform to link to permanent information on your website. Now that’s how to cover all the bases when your practice reaches out to past patients!


Our Email Marketing service includes:

  • Newsletter content planning and execution
  • Email promotion creation
  • Event invitation creation
  • Email announcement creation
  • Email scheduling and distribution


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