Display Ads

Buying Ad Space

Similar to Pay-Per-Click ads, Display Ads appear on websites and online media to targeted users based on demographics, interests, and search topics. Just in case a potential patient missed your website in the organic search, here is the next opportunity to find your business!

As opposed to appearing atop a list of search results, Display Ads are embedded within sites that your potential customers are searching through. The service is also referred to as “media buying” (purchasing ad space on online media). Advice Media utilizes Google’s vast network of millions of websites and blogs, which reaches 92% of all internet users in the United States, for the broadest reach possible.

Utilizing the Right Model

Display Ads can be executed with either a Pay-Per-Click (CPC or cost-per-click) or a Pay-Per-Impression model (CPM or cost per 1000 impressions). Advice Media typically uses CPC for Display Ad campaigns so that clients only have to pay for actual clicks on website links. However if a Display Ad campaign maintains a high click-through-rate (rate of clicks per impressions), using a CPM model to maximize the amount of clicks for the lowest cost may make more sense.

Adding Depth & Variety

Display Ads appear on websites and online media to carefully targeted users based on demographics, interests, search topics, typed keywords, and a brand new targeting method called Display Select Keywords. This method was introduced within the advertising industry as a quiet beta test, code named Search Companion Marketing, and proved to be a useful tool for marketing campaigns. Display Select Keywords allows your practice to target potential customers who have searched selected keywords on any search engine and show ads within the same browser session – typically seconds to minutes after they type the keyword. Advice Media takes every opportunity to incorporate the most up-to-date technology, so we scooped this technique right up!

To compliment a thorough reach, Display Ads also allow for more than text only ads. Google’s Display Network supports image ads, including banners, rich media ads with interactive elements and animations, and video ads (such as YouTube Ads).

Other Display Ad Services


Display Ad campaigns with Advice Media often yield greater benefits than search engine campaigns, especially when working with lead-driven industries such as aesthetic wellness. Our Digital Marketing team has the knowledge and experience to build your campaign based on advanced targeting that will maximize your return on Display Ad spending.

Our Display Ads service includes:

  • Potential customer targeting in your area (via Google’s Display Network) with ads on websites and online media
  • Ad management by a Certified Google Partner Company
  • Focus on websites with keywords related to your practice and the services that you offer
  • Narrow demographics for accurate placement, including gender, age, interests, and search topics
  • Targeting based on search-intent with Google’s Display Select Keywords feature for the Display Network
  • Ad copy, keywords, and settings optimization to drive customers to contact your business
  • Placement optimization and monitoring, including website exclusions for lower click-through and conversion rates
  • Phone call and lead conversion tracking to refine ads and maximize results
  • A|B split testing for ad copy optimization
  • Monitoring and maintaining click through rate via keyword, ad copy, and quality score


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  • I wanted to take a moment to tell you how satisfied I have been in this brief relationship. It is important for you to know how well your staff performs with clients. Austi is a delightful, friendly voice at the other end of my smartphone. She has made my experience so far terrific. She is competent in her field, accessible, and reassuring. Austi to date has addressed all my concerns, and with the help of her team has made my time with your company fun, engaging and most of all a learning experience. I hope the rest of your staff is as good as Austi. Please give her the praise she deserves and my best. I hope the rest of our relationship will be fruitful.

    -Dr. Jack Bertolino

  • I was introduced to your company at the dental convention in Denver, CO a couple of years ago. At that time, we signed up for reputation management services, as well as social media services. This was a huge relief to me as I was trying to do all those things as well, as all of my other duties, as owner/office manager. I was using a different company to host my website and yet a third company for SEO. I was on the verge of developing multiple personalities! Michele has been absolutely wonderful. She has walked me through and, even more importantly, educated me on this very technical industry about which I know very little. My website is now responsive and updated on a regular basis. This is HUGE! The monthly calls with Michele to review our analytics are informative and encouraging. I really appreciate her time and attention to me. I work with vendors all the time, but it is very refreshing to work with Michele and Advice Media. Without hesitation, I have recommended you to everyone I know!

    -Kim Haight