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Unleash Your Potential for Geometric Growth

- September 26th- 2 PM EST
- Bob Rullo, CEO - The Aesthetic Blueprint

The medical and dental market is teeming with opportunity. Never before has the potential to grow your practice been so great.

Patients seeking treatments is at an all time high (and growing). Technology has become so advanced that one can create results with a syringe that previously could only be accomplished through sophisticated surgery. New lasers and energy devices are readily available to treat almost any aesthetic abnormality.

Today the opportunity to create growth... geometric growth in your practice is unprecedented.

So what is geometric growth? What does it take to create it and sustain it? How can you create such a demand for your services that people will wait in line to experience?

This course, using a real world business case study, will define for you the concept of creating geometric growth. It will examine the key growth principles that if executed with discipline and determination, will not only transform the way you do business but will produce an ever-multiplying income stream for life.

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