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Get Two-Way Texting Right: Be Compliant & Boost Loyalty

- October 24th- 2 PM EST
- Lea Chatham, Director, Content Marketing - Solutionreach

Every medical practice needs to think about patient retention. It’s so much easier and cost effective to keep existing patients coming back than it is to find new patients. What patients want is changing, however. They want to find you quickly online, book same day appointments, and converse with your practice via text. One of the fastest growing demands from patients is real-time texting. In other words, texting with your clinic the same way they text with family and friends. In this webinar, we’ll look at how to do this right and use text messaging to retain and recruit patients while being compliant with regulations that relate to texting.

We’ll look at how to:

  • Choose a texting a solution that meets patient preferences
  • Implement texting while being compliant with the TCPA and HIPAA
  • Maximize use of text as a tool for both non-clinical and clinical functions
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