The Ultimate Guide to OB-GYN Practice Marketing

“I’ve seen the most rapid growth of new practices with 3 different providers within the last 8 months than I ever have before in 25+ years of practice.”

Dr. Steven A. Suba, Grace Obstetrics & Gynecology

Obstetrics and Gynecology Practice Marketing

Maybe you’ve just opened your OB-GYN practice, or maybe you’ve been practicing for a while but want to boost your patient numbers. It can be daunting trying to figure out how to get the word out that you’re the best resource for women, their bodies, and their reproductive needs. Today, the best ROI for your marketing dollars needs to incorporate a mix of both digital and traditional marketing strategies as part of your overall OB-GYN practice marketing plan.

By reading this guide, you’re already ahead of other practices. This guide is full of OB-GYN practice marketing ideas, examples, and strategies to ensure you’ll have a steady stream of returning patients and new patients coming through your office door.

This Guide Examines Over 14 Unique Obstetrics and Gynecology Marketing Channels. We’ve Divided It Into Two Sections: Digital Marketing Ideas & Traditional Marketing Ideas. These Channels Work Together Toward The End Goal Of Driving More Patients To Your OB-GYN Practice!

OB-GYN Marketing Strategies

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Traditional OB-GYN Marketing Strategies

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OB-GYN Website Design

Your website is your key to success. Today, it’s the place where potential patients often get their first impression of your OB-GYN practice. What will they get from that first interaction? Your site should showcase your specialties, skills, treatments provided, and your attentive staff — everything that sets you apart from other OB-GYN practices. It’s imperative that your website works seamlessly on mobile devices, clearly conveys your practice’s brand in the digital world, and makes it simple for a patient to contact your office with a question about unusual spotting or an appointment to get the HPV vaccine. And what’s the value of a great website if it is bogged down with a sub-par web hosting service?

You’re an expert in women’s reproductive health, not this new digital world. So, who are you going to trust to help navigate the ins and outs of your practice’s online presence? You should start with a digital marketing firm that has specific experience designing sites for OB-GYN practices. You’ll need an agency that understands different conversion strategies for the areas you specialize in. Your OB-GYN website will need robust, informative content, a monthly blog, and other features to help patients move from curious interest to making an appointment.

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OB-GYN Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

search engine optimization concept picture
Every search engine has a simple goal — to have happy searchers. That means delivering the most relevant answers to a search query as quickly as possible. To do so, Google weighs various factors to determine if your website is relevant to the query, is trustworthy, and if it deserves to rank highly in organic search returns. The key is optimizing your OB-GYN practice website so that you can rank highly for the procedures and treatments you specialize in.

This can seem impossible, but there are various methods to make Google take note of your practice. Create and provide original content about your areas of specialization to your digital marketing firm. This type of content can be optimized to help your OB-GYN practice move up in search returns. The best place to start is to think about your top five procedures and the top five most common questions you get from patients. Pass them on to your firm.

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Local OB-GYN Directory Listings

Think about it. Just 10 or 15 years ago, there was a single place where businesses were listed, the Yellow Pages. Today that seems so quaint. There are now hundreds of online directories. It’s impossible for an employee on your staff to spend days checking each directory to ensure your information is consistent. But if you don’t, the inconsistencies guaranteed to be out there confuse search engine algorithms. They assume one listing with “Suite #” and another with “Ste” and another with “Office #” are different businesses. Having consistent NAP — name, address, and phone — information ensures that search engines and patients have correct information. This consistency across the web instills trust, helps bring patients to your OB-GYN practice, and is crucial in your SEO marketing.

Your OB-GYN practice needs to work with a digital marketing firm that can handle your directory listings, making sure they are consistent everywhere they appear.

OB-GYN Reputation Management

customer ratings and survey reviews
Online reviews are everywhere, and don’t think they don’t apply to gynecological practices. Online reviews have become crucial for converting potential patients because they often serve as the first impression when a potential patient is looking to find a OB-GYN practice. A nice thing about this trend is that responding and engaging with these reviews doesn’t cost a dime in media dollars, but it pays off both in patient loyalty and search. You need to have an office routine to encourage patients to submit reviews and to respond to reviews that have been posted. But it’s hard to be constantly vigilant.

You need reputation management software that alerts you when a new review is posted and that helps encourage patients to submit reviews. Advice Media has review management software that does all of that, and it includes medical specific review sites.

OB-GYN Social Media Marketing

viral content social activity and smm likes shares and comments up
Social media can seem like a place where your friends brag about their vacations, but it has actually become a crucial step in potential patients becoming actual patients. Many potential patients, especially the younger females you need at your practice, look at a medical practice’s social media presence when weighing whether or not to become an actual patient. When your practice is active on social media, it shows patients and potential patients another side of their gynecologist/obstetrician and your entire staff. This builds trust and loyalty.

Successful social media management means posting consistently. As with managing myriad directories, creating posts may not be the best use of time for you and your staff. It’s worth considering having your digital agency handle your social media profiles and regular posting to take the burden off your staff while still keeping your social media visitors engaged.

It’s important for your OB-GYN practice to have a presence on these platforms. You need a process to ensure regular posting and interacting with posts from visitors. This can be an area where your digital marketing agency can really help by helping supplement your posts.

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OB-GYN Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

paperwork and hands on a board room table at a business presentation picture
Organic search results are getting pushed further down the search engine results page. That’s because Google and Bing want more pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Pay-per-click advertising means that your OB-GYN practice only pays when a user clicks on your ad and is directed instantly to your website. With PPC ads, you truly get what you pay for, as you’re only paying when a user hits your site.

Once a visitor does click your ad, she needs to be rewarded by landing on a beautiful website filled with engaging content. That way she will stay on your site and push deeper into it. This increases your ROI. There are different SEM ad types, and they require different strategies to optimize your ads to generate leads. It can be somewhat confusing; that’s why you need an OB-GYN marketing firm to manage your SEM.

The two most common search engine ads for OB-GYNs are text ads (the paid returns atop the search engine results page) and display ads (ads on the right side or across the entire top of regular webpages). Unlike text ads atop search engine results pages, display ads show up on pages of websites where the visitors match the qualifications you set up. For instance, a display ad could show up for your OB-GYN practice when a person visits WebMD about symptoms of endometriosis.

Prior to setting your SEM campaign and budget, you’ll need to have an overall SEO strategy. This optimizes your website to ensure your budget is efficient and your ad quality scores are high.

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OB-GYN Email Marketing

Many gynecologists and obstetricians don’t think about email as a way to market their services. It doesn’t seem logical in the way it is for a retail business. Actually, email presents a great way to remind patients about their yearly exam or other issues with female health. If you add in a referral program, email can also bring in lots of new patients. If you’re going to handle your practice’s email marketing, you should choose your email marketing platform based on how easy it is to use and the price. How much you’re charged is dictated by the frequency of your emails and the size of your list.

Sending out one email per month is about right for OB-GYN practices. This email could include a monthly reminder, seasonal health tips, new treatments, and information about your referral program. Your staff needs to collect these email addresses and manage your email list. To do this you should have a connected form that directly links your website to your email marketing software.

OB-GYN Blogging

Your OB-GYN practice website needs a blog. Regular blog posts can drive traffic and potential patients to your site, provide regular content to link to on your social media pages and in your email messages, and are important for SEO for your site. The bots that are continually crawling your site view blogs as new content, and new content helps your site rank higher in organic search.

For gynecology and obstetrics, blogs are great opportunities to educate your patients and potential patients. Posting needs to be consistent, usually one post each month. What should your blogs say? Each post should focus on a single topic that your OB-GYN practice handles. These will help to position your team as the OB-GYN experts potential patients are looking for. For instance, a blog post could discuss the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy.

Generating blogs can be difficult for OB-GYN practices. Many farm out these duties to freelance writers, or your digital agency should be able to provide this content. This ensures you’ll have consistent, high quality blog production. You can always add a blog topic if you choose.

Traditional OB-GYN Marketing

woman in medical consultation
While digital marketing has become a burgeoning part of gaining attention in today’s medical world, there remains an entire world of “traditional marketing” out there. You know them as newspaper ads, radio spots, billboards, direct mail, even TV. Traditional marketing has always lacked the specifics of PPC; these media usually promise the possibility that your target audience will see your ad. If you buy a quarter page in a local lifestyle magazine, a potential patient may pick it up and see your ad, but there aren’t any guarantees. That is quite different from paid search ads where users click on your ads and you only pay when they do.

There remains a place for traditional advertising coupled with digital marketing as described above. To make these traditional media cost effective, you need a process to track their effectiveness and ROI, which isn’t always easy. At Advice Media, we have options for doing this by directing specific media to specific landing pages or to certain distinct phone numbers. Still, traditional media can be frustrating due to the unknowns and the cost of creative production.

Traditional marketing has been on the decline and will continue to decline for these reasons. That’s why your OB-GYN practice needs to focus as much as possible on digital marketing options.

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OB-GYN Business Development

Odds are you’re not looking to add partners to your OB-GYN practice. You’re not a law firm or ad agency. But if you think of partnerships as associations, you can benefit from them. As a gynecologists and obstetricians, you don’t remove skin cancers, but you can recommend a first-rate dermatologist to your patients. That dermatologist can then recommend your practice to his or her female patients.

You can get creative here; go beyond purely business referrals. You could offer to partner with the local high school for HPV vaccinations. Your local newspaper is always looking for content, and you could write a free story on how to deal with menopause symptoms. In smaller markets, the local TV stations are usually desperate to fill content, and they can be open to doing a story on new infertility treatments that are available.

A great way to come up with possible associations is to first identify your ideal or typical patient. Then get your whole staff together, along with your OB-GYN digital marketing firm, to brainstorm creative options for reaching this patient. This can have the added benefit of your staff becoming invested in growing your OB-GYN patient base.

OB-GYN Referral Program

you and your babys health matters the most to me
For a woman seeking a new gynecologist, referrals from friends or co-workers are key. These patients who’ve been referred to your practice are the best — they’ve already heard about what a great OB-GYN practice you are. To encourage word-of-mouth marketing your practice needs to develop a referral program. The benefits should go both ways. Your practice may not offer any products other than your treatments, but maybe an Amazon gift card would be possible, or you could offer tickets to a local show to give away as a reward.

A referral program is a great way to reward your best patients for spreading the word about your OB-GYN expertise!

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OB-GYN Events

Having an open house or other event is a great way to create interest outside of your day-to-day female and reproductive services. These events can correspond with a new location, an office remodel, as a reward for your loyal patients, or simply as a yearly open house. Events can seem like a chore during the organization phase, but your patients will appreciate these events and they can attract new patients.

When planning an event, think again about that perfect OB-GYN patient. Maybe a “How to Survive Pregnancy Without Going Insane” theme could be great for your obstetrics patients. You’ll want to have catered food, activities, some handouts like water bottles with your logo on them, that kind of thing. Your OB-GYN patients have more commonality beyond other medical practices, and that can create a fun group environment.

We recommend OB-GYN practices hold an open house once each year. That way you’ll learn a bit each year about successfully hosting these events, and your patients will begin to look forward to the recurring event.

OB-GYN Community-Building Events

stack of hands unity and teamwork concept picture
We all want to feel we’re part of a community; that includes your OB-GYN practice. Community-building events are a way to build visibility, while helping the community in some way. These are great for adding new patients and to reinforce for your existing patients that they’re giving their business to the right OB-GYN practice.

You could offer free HPV vaccinations at a local community fair. At back-to-school night you could offer advice on teenage girls and their first gynecological appointments.

Community-building events show that you value being a part of the community and that you’re willing to give back.


OB-GYN Speaking Engagements

Whether you’re a single doctor or a team, you’re an expert in the areas of obstetrics and gynecology. Attending continuing education seminars and other medical events shows your patients you’re staying up to date on the latest industry changes. If you do have the opportunity to speak or present at one of these events, be sure to take photos and video, if possible. This makes great content for your website, social media platforms, and in a newsletter or monthly email.

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