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Simply put, you need a company that will partner with you to bring patients through your doors. That’s how We Make You Money.


Connecting with the Next Generation

Digital Marketing caters to a new, tech-savvy consumer that your practice needs to connect with to stay relevant. Advice Media provides excellence in the realm of Digital Marketing to drive the modern-day customer and revenue to your business. While many of our competitors talk about Search Engine Rankings for website traffic, we talk about Conversions, getting paying customers through your doors. Our Customer Acquisition Services bring patients to your website and convert them into phone calls or written inquiries. After all, what good is a ranking or a website visit if it doesn’t result in a purchase?

When a potential patient finds your practice’s website, whether through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media or Search Engine Marketing (PPC) – all Advice Media service offerings – you have 2.9 seconds to engage that person and make them want to dig deeper into your website and read your story. That potential patient needs to consider your site an appealing, easily accessible resource with relevant content and responsive, mobile-friendly optimization for customers on the go. Only then will you have a chance to convert them into a customer.

Finding the Complete Package

An integrated Digital Marketing program is crucial. A stagnant website and sole focus on Search Engine Optimization is simply not enough to stand out amongst competing medical practices. Advice Media brings together best-of-breed online marketing strategies and techniques that maximize and extend the online visibility of your business. We combine Digital Marketing services such as Local Power, Premium Medical Directories, Pay-Per-Click, Content Generation, and Social Media into a comprehensive, multi-channel program that creates the most powerful, integrated marketing engine available anywhere. To ensure that each service is operating at its highest capacity, Advice Media uses comprehensive performance tracking that looks at overall results, as well as the results of point solutions. We focus on incremental improvements that, over time, add up to big changes. Our clients have found that the overall value of Advice Media’s incremental improvement approach and combined services is greater than the sum of the parts.

Achieving Excellence

The success of your practice comes down to how quickly potential patients can find your business information through digital media and how willing they are to interact with your online information. When patients seek out the best doctor in their area, they turn to search engines, social media, or other familiar online forums. No longer are the Yellow Pages or other traditional methods useful to consumers today. Even the best doctors won’t gain the reach to become even more successful if their practices lack visibility in the digital realm. Customers need to be able to connect with your practice online. Successful Digital Marketing requires a solid strategy and steadfast effort to ensure that you reach your audience and stand apart from the competition.

Advice Media Digital Marketing services ensure that clients improve their digital presence and achieve measurable results by implementing a cohesive, comprehensive Digital Marketing program. Our team can bring a constant stream of new visitors to your website, new patients to your practice, and more revenue to your business. Your success is our success!

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