Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

Are You Maximizing the Impact of Your Efforts?

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The Ultimate Guide to Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

Whether your cosmetic surgery practice is brand new or whether you’ve been around a couple of decades, if you’re not fully engaged in the digital marketing world you’re falling behind your competition. 

Advice Media offers a comprehensive suite of digital marketing products for cosmetic surgeons and practices:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Local Power (Local SEO & Directory Listings)
  • Review Power (Reputation Management)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Power (Social Media)
  • PPC

We can help you expand your online exposure, drive traffic to your website, and generate more leads and patients.

Digital marketing is the key to creating an identity out there on the web. It all starts with your cosmetic surgery website and extends through active social media pages, informative blogs, accurate directory listings, reputation management, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click. Targeted digital marketing and a strong internet presence is key for bringing in new patients.

What would doubling your
leads do for your practice?

Average Advice Media SEO client results


Leads Increase in 24 Months


Leads Increase in 24 Months


Get Online

To get started, you need to establish an online presence with an attractive, user-friendly website that is designed to convert website visitors into patients.

75% of people make judgments about a company’s credibility based on its web design.

Source: Stamford

No matter your budget or cosmetic surgery practice size, we offer a range of website designs and content that can accommodate your practice.


The centerpiece of your digital marketing presence begins and ends with your cosmetic surgery practice website. Your website needs to make a lasting first impression by being accurate, informative, and engaging to convert clicks to patients.

A website is nothing if it isn’t reliable and fully functional. Advice Media’s Web Power product ensures your website is up-to-date and secure. Problems are resolved as soon as they arise so that temporary hiccups don’t cause severe headaches.

Get Found

Our products help improve your online visibility and ability to be found by appearing in relevant searches for your practice’s key procedures.

Every search engine has one goal: provide users with the most relevant result as quickly as possible. Google looks at signals to determine if your website is relevant, trustworthy, and deserving of being ranked higher in search results. Here are some of the most important factors that contribute to the success of your cosmetic surgery practice online.

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Advice Media’s software is designed to ensure all of your practice’s online business directory listings are accurate and up to date. This consistency across the web instills trust, helps bring patients to your cosmetic surgery practice, and is crucial to your cosmetic surgery practice SEO marketing.

With local power, a robust presence for your practice will be built on Google through the use of Google My Business (GMB). This helps ensure you are seen by the patients who need you the most.

Blog Posting

Good engaging websites have active blogs, and they can serve many positive functions. By posting relevant content about new procedures, recovery instructions and tips, or updates in your industry. Frequent posts educate potential patients, assist with search engine visibility, and help establish your practice as an authoritative and reliable source of information.

Patients only contact you if they can find you. Improve your search result ranking for key practice-area pages to drive more people to your site. 

Manage Your Reputation

Reviews have a significant impact when people are choosing a cosmetic surgeon. Distinguish your practice from the competition by building and maintaining a solid online reputation.

Did You Know...?

93% of people’s purchasing decisions are impacted by reviews.

Source: Podium

Advice Media’s Review Power tool helps establish your practice as a leader in cosmetic surgery by providing a comprehensive platform that allows you to request and respond to reviews via email and text message.

FUN FACT: 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Expand Your Reach

Go beyond organic search results to create a more compelling and complete digital presence for both your surgeons and cosmetic surgery practice.

Social Media platforms are utilized by 70% of the population.

Source: Pew Research

Our Social Power tool schedules consistent posts and publishes them to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. These posts will highlight your practice areas, cosmetic surgery topics, and other relevant information.

An immediate way to jump to the top of the search results page is to utilize paid search advertising. Pay-Per-Click ads identify more potential patients and direct them to your website when people are searching for terms related to your practice. 

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