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Content on your website isn’t just a way to stand out in the search engines. Though SEO is an important component of your content strategy, Advice Media strives to do much more with copywriting for our attorney clients:

  • Build authority as a source of legal information
  • Engage prospective clients and tell them what sets your firm apart from the competition
  • Create collateral for off-site exposure through unique visual content
  • Identify opportunities for media outreach
  • Reach users on social media through quality updates that leverage on- and off-site content

Blog posts and web pages only scratch the surface of the content produced by copywriters at Advice Media. We know that each client has unique needs and goals, which is why we work with our law firm clients to create content plans that fit their marketing and branding needs.

Ultimately, we develop content strategies that enhance the visibility of your law firm, build your authoritative reputation, boost first-page rankings in search results, and drive high-quality leads. These strategies accomplish their goal when they convert those leads into clients and cases that bring you more revenue.

    • Long-form content:
      • New or rewritten practice area pages
      • Custom blog posts
    • Video blogs
    • Visual content:
      • Infographics
      • Quizzes
      • Slideshare presentations
      • Press releases
      • Off-site content

If you would like to discuss your content marketing needs, please call Advice Media at 435.575.7470 today. Your initial evaluation, including content on your website, is free!

Long-Form Content

For many years, website pages running 300-500 words with content you could find just about anywhere were adequate. This type of page could feasibly rank your website on the first page of search results, and that was enough to satisfy most lawyers.

But consumers demanded more: more information, more details about the attorneys they were considering and especially more reason to select one over another. Now, prospective clients and search engines alike both reward content that strives to be a comprehensive resource.

content for each stage of customer journey

Long-form content sets your website apart from competitors who rely on short, boilerplate copy. Long-form pages are around three times longer than their standard-length counterparts, giving our copywriters the opportunity to answer many different questions clients might have about your practice areas.

Advantages of long-form content produced by Advice Media for your website include:

  • Relevance: Where standard pages usually address only one query or topic, long-form pages cover a broad range that can anticipate the needs of prospective clients
  • “One-stop-shopping”: Users seeking legal education and reasons to hire you can find it all on one page
  • Engagement: Average time on page is one of the factors Google weights when ranking search results – the more time users spend on your page, the more likely your page could rank well for relevant queries
  • Navigation: Well-written subheads, bullet point lists and eye-catching images all help break lengthy content into digestible section; anchor tags allow users to move easily from one section of the page to another with the click of a button
  • Lead generation: By being relevant to a client’s search, educating them about their case and engaging them with unique details about your firm, you increase the likelihood of transforming that visitor into a lead; copywriters at Advice Media integrate call-to-action language into the text

We have found that the practice area pages for your priority types of cases are ideal spots for long-form content, giving your website a competitive advantage. You can further support your status as an authority through a mix of standard-length and long-form blog posts.

Standard blog posts tend to focus on one subject, providing a signal to search engines that your website is fresh and up to date. A long-form blog post, meanwhile, is more comprehensive, perhaps taking on the form of an informative article or numbered list that performs so well on powerhouse news and general interest sites.

Video Blogs

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? Custom videos are a truly unique way to market your practice, giving your attorneys and staff members the opportunity to step in front of the camera to tell and show users what makes your law firm special and able to take their case.

A library of custom video clips is an asset for both your website and your channel on external platforms like YouTube. Writers at Advice Media can help you get more from these clips by transcribing the audio so it accompanies the video library entry on your website and writing custom blog posts to promote both your law firm and the information you provide. This post can in turn be promoted on social media for additional exposure.

More and more online consumers are turning to video first for answers to their questions. By integrating video blogs into your content strategy, you will be able to make your firm stand out across multiple platforms.

Visual Content

Strong visuals make your website design stand out. Custom visual content makes your practice area content pop, giving legal information a colorful counterpoint that grabs the attention and refreshes the eye so users can keep scanning.

Visual content comes in many forms, restricted only by your imagination. Some of the most common examples of visual content the writers at Advice Media create for our clients include:
what is pain and suffering infographic

  • Infographics: Turn what would normally be wordy content into a cohesive package driven by graphics, images and branded colors. Infographics can be the focal point of a blog post or visual collateral you can use across your website to enhance material about your practice areas.
  • Quizzes: Test the knowledge of prospective clients and show that you understand the legal situation they’re experiencing with quick multiple-choice and true-or-false quizzes embedded directly on your website.
  • Slideshare presentations: Part of LinkedIn, the leading social networking website for professionals, Slideshare lets you post PowerPoint presentations and PDF documents that showcase your expertise. These presentations can be embedded on blogs and Web pages, providing users with an interactive means of reading about legal matters.
  • These and other examples of visual content enrich the user experience on your website. They can also be the crux of promotional content outside of your website, including social media platforms and other channels.

    Press Releases

    Everyone wants their name in the newspaper, but now you can gain exposure from many different media outlets by distributing your news online. Press releases are still a leading vehicle for getting your news in front of journalists.

    With the advent of media distribution networks, you can also get your news directly in front of consumers. Advice Media works with several networks to distribute press releases for our clients; this content appears on digital news desks as well as feeds for major online publications, local news sites and other domains.

    What news is fit to print in a press release? Some of the most common events and updates our attorney clients choose to publicize include:

  • Verdicts and settlements
  • Community events in which the firm takes part, including participation in charitable activities, contributions to local nonprofits, support for local schools and universities, etc.
  • New team members, such as the addition of a partner, associate or practice manager
  • Expert commentary on legal issues related to news and seasonal events, i.e. the increase in drunk driving accidents around holidays
  • Distribution of custom visual content establishing your practice as an authority within the legal sphere
  • Acceptance of new major cases, such as dangerous drugs or defective products
  • Our copywriters use AP Style, the style guide favored by many journalists and publications, and write using the tone of an actual news story in order to “speak the language” of reporters. Your press release will be professionally crafted and read like it’s ready for publication by a media outlet.

    Off-Site Content

    Having a website is no longer enough to stand out. Your law firm needs to cast a broad net to reach as many potential clients as possible.

    In addition to building your presence on social media and other marketing channels, Advice Media helps you get your name and quality links back to your website through content opportunities like:

  • Pitching your expertise to reporters seeking answers to particular legal questions
  • Identifying opportunities to write guest articles and blog posts on reputable third-party websites
  • Connecting your law firm with current events and conversations on other websites, including community events postings, submissions to relevant forums, etc.
    Ultimately, the copywriters and other marketing professionals at Advice Media recognize that each client has unique needs. We also know that the content marketing budget for a one-attorney office is very different from the the marketing capabilities of a large law firm.

    Advice Media welcomes solo practitioners and law firms of all sizes. We collaborate with you to develop a content strategy that is unique to your firm, enhances your marketing efforts and drives website traffic and leads.

    Discuss your website content with one of our veteran Internet marketing consultants by calling us at 435.575.7470 today!

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