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Dr. Daniel Slaughter is a board-certified otolaryngologist and sleep medicine specialist with an outstanding educational background and extensive clinical experience. After 20 years at a large medical group, Dr. Slaughter decided to establish his own niche private practice. His ambitious growth expectations required aggressive, imaginative marketing, so he partnered with Advice Media.


  • Wanted results quickly but had no initial web presence
  • Available content for niche practice website was too general


  • Quickly establish web presence for new practice
  • Create targeted content for maximum impact
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Sinus & Snoring Specialists Case Study

Dr. Slaughter’s Story

Dr. Slaughter Case Study


From a Large Medical Group to a Niche Private Practice

Dr. Daniel Slaughter is a board-certified otolaryngologist and sleep medicine specialist with an outstanding educational background and extensive clinical experience. Having practiced in a large medical group for twenty years, he felt it was the right time to make a move and establish his own niche private practice.
In 2016, Dr. Slaughter teamed with a group of ENT specialists to do just that. He started from scratch with a new domain and website.

Dr. Slaughter Office - Case Study

Dr. Slaughter had high expectations for the growth of his new practice, but he understood his goals could only be achieved with aggressive, imaginative marketing— making an excellent partnership with Advice Media.


Targeted Content for Maximum Impact

Knowing Dr. Slaughter wanted results quickly, we immediately got to work on his site. We established the new domain and began development of the website. But at the time of our first meeting, the content provided for the site was too general. It wouldn’t attract the patient population that was in need of the specific services offered by the new practice. We felt the content needed to match the niche the practice looked to serve.
Dr. Slaughter Website Mobile Responsive

Our initial digital marketing efforts focused on providing concise content that detailed the services provided at the practice.
  • Site content was created to reflect the top procedures and relevant search terms for new service pages. Due to the specialized nature of the practice, back-and-forth collaboration between Dr. Slaughter and our writers was vital to ensure the new content was accurate and relevant.
  • Beyond page content, we also began providing monthly blog content that reflected the expertise of the practice team and contributed to optimal search engine positioning for targeted keyword terms.
  • When the team suggested that video content could help potential patients understand the unique offerings of the practice, Dr. Slaughter was all in. The addition of video content to the site and a designated YouTube channel further improved the patient experience and directly attributed to an increase in pertinent traffic.

Additionally, we built a responsive mobile site with an easy-to-navigate design that aligned with current best practices and trends in mobile search.

Dr. Slaughter Office - Advice Media Case Study

As our team built out the site, incorporating the expanded content, blogs, and video, we felt good about the prospects of dynamic results for Dr. Slaughter.


Sinus and Snoring Specialists Case Study Results

Dr. Slaughter's Front Office
Dr. Slaughter Profile
“I have worked with three different website development and hosting companies over the 15 years I have been in healthcare management. Working with Advice Media has been a breath of fresh air.”



To succeed, a niche practice can’t have a website populated with general content. Our experience building Dr. Slaughter’s website and his practice show the value of engaging, specific content, both on individual pages and in the site blog. It also shows that video, when appropriately used to detail specific procedure offerings, can be a great tool for increasing engagement and conversions. After more than a year of consistent collaboration between Dr. Slaughter and the Advice Media team, site statistics continue to increase at an exciting pace.

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