YouTube’s Internal Search Algorithm

YouTube has its own internal search function that people use to find video content on the site. What plays into the YouTube’s search algorithm? It is basically three main components: content, views and engagement, and subscriptions.

Like other search engines, YouTube’s search spider doesn’t play the actual video; therefore, your content is measured through your titles, descriptions and tags.

The title should utilize relevant keywords to the video and catch the attention of the audience on YouTube. The title is the most important element in a user’s decision to watch or leave. The description should briefly summarize the overall message of the video. The tags associated with the video should be iterations of keywords and phrases that a potential user would search in the hope of finding content like that of your video.

Total engagement associated with your video includes views, comments, likes and video responses. The total number of views of your video speaks to how interesting people find your video content. An audience that appreciates your content enough to visit regularly will subscribe to your YouTube channel, and YouTube looks favorably on the number of subscribers.

Once you have secured an audience, further engagement is measured through a few avenues – the first is likes and dislikes. For people to click either the like or dislike button is the easiest way for them to become involved with your video content. A step beyond that is for them to leave comments. These comments live as text on your video page, creating tangible words for YouTube to crawl.

Additionally, YouTube will consider video responses in its algorithm. You can either work to create videos that warrant viewer-made video responses, or you can make and upload responses which piggyback off of the success of something popular. You have to be very careful when submitting responses, though, as threads can quickly become diluted and even vulgar, and you need to be aware of all videos your business is associated with.


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