Twitter Basics

Twitter is an excellent tool for branding yourself. Although it may seem very basic at first, it has many features that can be utilized to rapidly spread awareness about the services you offer.

The Language of Twitter

You are going to notice that Twitter seems to have its own language. Let’s go over some of these hip Twitter terms to spare you any time and confusion.

Tweet – A “Tweet” is a message someone posts on twitter that all of their followers can see. It’s always best to send out tweets that you think your followers will enjoy. Try tweeting links to interesting news articles, your practice website, and your social networking websites. Remember…If you don’t send out tweets, you won’t be seen by your followers!

ReTweet – A “retweet” or “RT” is the reposting of someone else’s tweet. If you find someone else’s tweet very interesting or helpful feel free to retweet it. They may just do the same for you sometime! You can retweet by starting a new tweet with “RT @username + the users tweet.”

@Reply – This is the reply tweet to someone else’s tweet. This can be very useful when it comes to promoting your practice. When the opportunity is given you should always reply to someone’s tweet if you have information or a service that can directly benefit them

Direct Messages – Unlike retweets and replies, direct messages are messages you can send to other twitter users that aren’t visible to your followers. Direct messages are useful when you are trying to help someone regarding something that may be private or when you are trying to directly market your services.

Finding Connections

In addition to being able to view people who follow other users, you also have the ability to make searches on twitter. Try going to the search bar on top and entering in a topic or keyword you would like to find someone else tweeting about in your area. This will produce a list of results that is great for finding new and unique people to follow on twitter.


Advice Media now offers a service where we will set up profiles for you on some of the top social networking websites. This saves you the setup time so you can quickly join the conversation and start building your networks. Get started with social networking today!

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