Google+ Gets a New Layout

Looks like Google+ has a new, user-friendly layout too! The social network’s new layout, actually quite similar to Facebook’s Timeline, is now cleaner, clearer and easier to navigate!

Main Changes to Google+

1) More Focus on Images

The new layout puts more emphasis on photos and images, including a larger profile photo, and the addition of a cover photo (similar to that of Facebook Timeline.) Photos and videos will also appear larger and more prominent in your news feed.

2) More access to “Hangouts”

One of the most distinguished elements of Google+ is its video chat feature which allows users to chat with up to nine people at the same time. “Hangouts” have become popular for businesses on Google+ to connect with customers. The new layout features hangouts more prominently, making them more accessible.

3) Trending Topics and Suggestions

The “Explore” option lets you see what’s “Trending on Google+” and pages “You Might Like.” This feature will help expand your Google+ network by suggesting those similar to you.

4) Easier Navigation

The simplified navigation menu is now along the left side of the page.

More changes ahead?

Rumor has it there are more changes ahead! According to a post on Marketingland, Google Analytics is making its way to Google + pages. Currently there is no way to track any Google+ page activity other than viewing post sharing, “social engagement” or +1/share data. Analytics integration will allow users to track and measure traffic and engagement on their Google + business page.

Stay ahead of the curve!

As discussed in our previous post, Google’s new search results suggest that your Google+ Page will be more likely to show up in search results over any other social networking platform. These new changes only prove Google+ is stepping up as a top social network; it’s time to jump on the band wagon!

We suggest getting your practice on Google+ now! Start building your page, posting regularly and increasing the number of circles you’re in to secure your spot in personalized search results. Need help setting up your Google+ page? Contact an Advice Media Representative. We’d be glad to help!

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