3 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Posts for Mobile

Facebook has approximately 901 million monthly active users—over half of which access Facebook from a smartphone or tablet. Chances are a great number of fans are viewing your posts on their mobile Facebook app, whether it be on their newsfeed or on your page directly. Making sure these mobile viewers are presented with engaging status updates is crucial!

Here are 3 ways you can optimize your posts to engage mobile viewers:

  • Add photos and videos frequently: Posts with photos and videos are proven to be the most engaging, for both mobile and desktop users. An appealing image or video will pop more than a post with just text, especially to viewers on the mobile web. Reach on-the-go viewers by telling your story through images and videos!
  • Keep your posts to 160 characters or less: To prevent users from having to click “see more” to finish viewing your post from their mobile device, keep your posts to 160 characters or less. Besides, mobile viewers will not want to read an essay when thumbing through their Facebook newsfeed!
  • Remember to add a call to action: Just like any Facebook post; don’t forget your call to action! Ask fans to Like, share or comment on your posts. Also consider ending posts with a question.
  • For more tips, visit recent article by InsideFacebook.com.

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