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Establish a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign to Augment Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Efforts

Even the most aggressive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plan can benefit from a SEM CampaignWhy?  Because Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads can be used to maintain your website’s visibility regardless of the constant ups and downs of your organic rankings.  Because the position of PPC Ads can be controlled, they guarantee that your website will appear among the results of the search terms that you want to be found under.

  • Choose the exact search terms to target …
  • Position PPC Ads precisely where you want them …
  • Target prospective patients without using a geographic qualifier.  PPC Ads can sense Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to determine where a visitor is physically located and display ads with broad search terms such as ‘LASIK’ or ‘Plastic Surgeon’ only on computers who are within your targeted areas …
  • PPC Ads can be set to appear only to visitors who are searching in a particular state, city or geographic region.  You can even custom-define your target area by selecting specific neighborhoods …
  • Set your PPC Ads to run only at specific times during the day or night …
  • Choose when your ad will display and where across an entire network of websites that partner with Google, Yahoo, MSN-Live and Ask.
  • Set a Monthly Budget for your PPC Ads to ensure that you don’t pay for more visitors than you want.  Advice Media SEM takes care of the entire bid process and money management …
  • Pay only when someone clicks on your PPC Ad and visits your website …

More Reasons . . .

The effectiveness of your organic SEO efforts can be significantly enhanced when your practice appears multiple times on a page full of search engine results.  Consider using PPC ads even for non-competitive matches such as each doctor’s name, the name of your practice and other unique ways that patients might search for you.  The bid amounts are rock-bottom for these search terms, and your practice will dominate the real estate of the results screen.  And the more often your name appears, the more likely a patient will visit your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – PLUS – Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
1. Local SEO Results: Google Maps #1 Position
2. SEM Results: Pay-Per-Click #1 Position
3. SEO Results: Organic Ranking #4 Position

This Advice Media client dominates the search page with results in 3 different positions on the page . . .

Visitors simply cannot miss this practice !

Additionally, many practices overlook the value of highly-specific geographic matches such as ‘Pleasantville dentist’ or ‘Veterinarians in Yourtown’.  While the number of visitors for highly-specific matches may be few, these matches are absolutely golden because the prospective patient is practically at your doorstep!  Very few practices tend to bid on these search terms, so bid amounts are usually very low.  But the resulting matches are terrific –- you can even pick up new patients who were looking for a different doctor and couldn’t find them, but found your practice instead!


The bottom line is simple:  The more often your practice appears in web search results, the more traffic you will receive to your website.  And the better return you will receive on your SEM campaign.

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