Google's New +1 Feature Will Offer Search and Web Page Sharing

Social network ‘share’ buttons have increased the number of ways that individuals can share information online. Now, Google has decided to implement a feature that offers the same convenience. In late March, Google unveiled their plans for the +1 button. This would allow individuals to share organic search engine results as well as web pages with friends.

Details and Features of Google’s +1 Button

    • The +1 button will appear next to each website in Google’s search results
    • Later, webmasters will also have the option to add the +1 button to their websites along with their other social media buttons
    • The goal of this button is not to broadcast information for all the world to see, instead, friends that login to their Google accounts will be able to see which search results or websites you have marked as worth reading
    • +1 buttons will also be added to Google ads
    • Google will likely use these +1 votes as a factor in search engine rankings

This change will provide a new way for you to share information with your patients using the +1 button to mark search results. It will also provide greater convenience to patients that would like to share your services with others (when the button is on your site).

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