5 Tips for Creating Effective PPC Ads for your Healthcare Practice

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are quite possibly the most powerful and cost-effective way to send targeted and high-quality traffic to your website. By reaching patients in your area that are already searching for your procedures and conditions treated, your ads are more likely to convert visitors to patients than any other type of Internet marketing.

But it’s not as simple as that—choosing the best wording and the most persuasive calls to action are crucial in determining the success of your PPC ad campaign. Follow these tips to write copy that converts click to patients!

  1. Be specific: PPC campaigns should target a specific popular procedure or a promotion that your practice is running. Make sure your headline is catchy and reflects exactly what you’re targeting.
    A few examples of effective headlines are:

    • 30% off Dental Implants- Limited Time Offer!
    • $500 off LASIK- Over 40,000 Surgeries Performed
  2. Use relevant keywords: Insert relevant search terms where appropriate. This helps ensure that patients find you through a related search query.
  3. Use strong calls to action: Use strong action phrases, for example: learn more, free consultation, and schedule an appointment today! Adding discount percentages and limited time offers also can help increase clicks.
  4. Create a powerful landing page: Consider creating a landing page specifically for your PPC ad. A landing page is a single page of copy presented to a user after he or she clicks an advertisement. Think of it as an extension of the ad, encouraging visitors to take action right then and there. An effective landing page captures leads by presenting a specific offer, a clear call to action, limited navigation, a simple contact form, and an overall defined “next step.” Learn more about creating effective landing pages here.
  5. Test options: Test your ads! A/B testing allows you to vary and test your ad copy and calls to action to see which combinations generate the most clicks. Then, adjust your campaign accordingly for maximum return on investment!

Setting up Your Healthcare PPC Campaign

PPC ads are arguably the most effective form of advertising today. With PPC, you can achieve top placement in searches for a low cost and attract high-quality traffic! With years of experience launching and maintaining PPC campaigns and proven success in creating effective landing pages, we’ll help your practice generate leads and increase conversion rates! Contact an Advice Media Representative to get started.

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