Why You Still Need Google+ (Google My Business)

If your business has already invested some time developing your online marketing strategy, you’ve likely already decided to incorporate social media. Posting updates on Facebook keeps your customers engaged, tweeting from your office gives them a minute-by-minute update, and maybe you’ve even started adding creative content to Instagram and Pinterest. But where does Google+ fit into the mix?

While not as widely talked about amongst your customer base as its other social media counterparts, Google+ needs to be a part of the conversation as it relates to SEO. Google+ currently accommodates 20 million unique users every month. Many of those users find your page via organic traffic results. And that’s exactly what you want!

You may have already guessed that Google search results are linked to Google+ pages. To give you a better idea of how your Google+ (Google My Business) page adds value to your online marketing strategy, consider these awesome benefits:

Search results highlight – The point of SEO is to make your website appear in search results. Why not give it the prime spot?! When a customer searches your business name, Google pulls your Google+ account information to pop up in the upper righthand corner of the page. Not to mention your website URL is listed on your page, available to click to your website and hopefully lead to a conversion.

Organic traffic boost – Publishing regular content on other social media pages increases organic traffic just a bit. Maintaining active social media pages is more about engagement and customer retention. Google+ is different. Google’s search engine recognizes when you publish new content on your page, which immediately affects your status in organic search results.

Google Local Pages – Google+ and Google My Business pages are incredibly important to providing accurate information to search engines. If you build a great profile with accurate information and photos, the information will be integrated into Google search listings, maps, reviews, and mobile apps. With an abundance of accurate information, your organic visibility, traffic, and conversions can greatly increase.

If you’re interested in adding a Google+ or Google My Business page to your social media services (or if you need to start social media services altogether), reach out to your Customer Success Coordinator. We’ll help you come up with a new plan!

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