Four Reasons to Add Google+ to Your Social Media Plan

Now more than ever, social media plays an important role in marketing. As a result, many doctors and medical practices have an active presence on established websites like Twitter or Facebook. Another social media site you may wish to consider adding to your practice’s social-media plan is Google+, which is rapidly growing in popularity.

Four Reasons to Add Google+ to Your Social Media Plan:

  1. Google+ Circles. “Circles” lets you create specific categories-family, friends, coworkers, patients, etc.- for your followers. This means that, when you post content, you can share it with everyone or only with a specific “circle” of followers. Circles also connects you with other practices and medical communities.
  2. Google+ increases your visibility on search engines. Someone looking for a practice via a search engine is more likely to choose a practice that shows up near the top of the results. An active Google+ account makes your practice easier to find in search results, so you’re more visible to potential patients.
  3. Google Local. In search-engine results, Google Local pulls up information unique to a certain Google+ page, so any engaging content  (blog entries, for example), connected to your Google+ page is more visible to users. Google Local also brings your practice to the attention of patients who live nearby.
  4. Google+ makes working with photos easy. Google+ has unique photo-editing tools that let you add animations to any photo. Photos can be uploaded to Google+from any mobile device or tablet, and Google+ privately backs them up- something no other social-media website does.

Need Help Improving Your Social Media Presence? Let Advice Media Help!

Managing your social media presence can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to it. But don’t worry, Advice Media can help. We offer a number of social media plans designed to meet the unique needs of your practice. Contact an Advice Media representative today to learn more.

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