Best Practices for Facebook Promoted Posts

Earlier this year, Facebook launched promoted posts for pages, giving page admins a simple way to reach more Facebook users. Promoted posts, available to Pages with 400 to 100,000 likes, are more likely to be seen by those who like your page and their Facebook friends.

You can promote a status, photo, video, offer or question posted within the past three days by clicking “Promote” on the bottom right of the post. Then, simply set a budget, chose a payment method, and watch your post go viral! Wondering which types of posts you should promote? We’ve got you covered!

Types of Posts to Promote

Photos and Videos:

    • Similar to Facebook advertising and Facebook posts in general, chose an eye-catching image for your promoted post, as Facebook users are drawn to images on their often-cluttered newsfeeds. Just be sure your image is related; and don’t use your Facebook profile picture, this will already appear next to the promoted post!

Special Offers: Consider promoting a special offer. Increasing the amount of users exposed to your offer can only increase the number of offers claimed. The more offers claimed, the more your business will benefit! Read our previous blog post for tips on creating a special offer.

Exclusive Events: Hosting an event? Promote your event for more exposure. The more you invite, the more will come—and the more, the merrier, right?

New Product or Service Announcements: Promote posts about new products and services offered at your practice to expand the reach of your announcement.

Questions: Facebook posts that involve the audience tend to get more feedback. Ask a question and let users know that you value either opinion.

After you’ve promoted your post, you can track its success by viewing the number of people reached, and the percent of people exposed below your promoted post.

Reach more Patients on Facebook

Promoted posts allow you to reach more without committing to an advertising campaign. Not on Facebook? Check out our social media solutions and contact us to get started!

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