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Descriptions Increase CTR

Most online visibility strategies include search strategies that aim at getting a website into the top spots in Google. But that’s the obvious part. The question is, how do you motivate the user to take the action and visit your website? Click thru rate is a term most commonly associated with PPC campaigns, not organic search strategies.… Read More »

Local Search Engine Optimization

Capitalizing on local search is a great way to get your business out there in the community and make a name for yourself. People actively searching for local businesses are usually the ones with cash in hand, ready to buy. That’s why it’s really important to focus marketing efforts on capturing your local market effectively.… Read More »

Plastic Surgeon is Sued for Misuse of Patient Photos

A recent scandal involving before-and-after breast augmentation photos on a plastic surgeon’s website has stirred a very relevant debate involving medical confidentiality and web marketing practices. A plastic surgeon had received permission from certain patients to publish photos of their naked breasts both pre and post augmentation for the surgeon’s online portfolio. Their names, however,… Read More »

Visibility 101 : Keyword Selection

Keyword selection is arguably the most important part of any SEO strategy. Many SEO companies, however, get it terribly wrong. The most common thing that happens is this: a company hires an SEO firm, the SEO firm selects 20 keywords relevant to the business, and supplies monthly reports showing the ranking increase. A year later…… Read More »

Latest Developments in SEO

Search engines are constantly updating their search algorithms to combat web spam and provide better results for users. It is therefore very important to adjust web marketing strategies to reflect current algorithm changes. Google is the industry leader in search technology and is the search engine to follow. Google made two huge algorithm changes in 2012:… Read More »

Tips on Creating a Blog that Helps Your Business Grow

Creating a company blog is an important step toward online branding and marketing.  Blogs are a great tool for interacting with your audience, introducing your company, and making your website more search engine friendly. There are tips, tricks, and etiquette one must follow when blogging. The most important secret to a successful blog is passion… Read More »

Don’t Make a $300K Mistake

The Internet is becoming more and more social – we go online to connect with friends, colleagues, businesses, and brands. The purchasing process is completely different in today’s socially driven world. Good businesses are in front of their customers during every step of the purchasing cycle. Great businesses work to fill the search engines with… Read More »

What is Online Visibility?

The internet offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to connect with their customers in a whole new way. In older forms of advertising like television, companies interrupt their audience. Do you ever fast forward through commercials thanks to DVR? Internet marketing activities are different; your customers are looking for you and your products at… Read More »

Offers Bring Clicks

Have you ever thought about starting a Pay Per Click campaign? If so, do you wonder what to do to get started or how to influence click rates to really get your consumer’s attention? Pay Per Click can be daunting to figure out unless you are dedicated to it full-time. Deciding on the right marketing… Read More »

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