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Website development and digital marketing best practices change practically on a daily basis. While implementing the most current maintenance methods, our world-class teams are on a constant lookout for industry news and developments. As soon as we have found new information for our clients, we publish a comprehensive summary on our Blog.

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Turn That Frown Upside Down

By Advice Media / September 11, 2019 / Comments Off on Turn That Frown Upside Down

Who knows where the adage “Turn that frown upside down” came from, but in today’s digital world you could think of it as replacing a frowning emoji with a smiling one. When it comes to online reviews, doing so can make a huge difference in your practice’s reputation. We’re all a little sensitive when it […]

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Why Do Paid Search Ads Work?

By Advice Media / March 30, 2019 / Comments Off on Why Do Paid Search Ads Work?

Some people don’t know that when they make a search query the results returned by the search engine feature two sets of returns: paid search ads at the top and organic search listings below them. This despite the fact that the little word “Ad” is sitting right there under the title and description. OK, so […]

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How Your Practice Can Be Rolling in Reviews

By Advice Media / February 15, 2017 / Comments Off on How Your Practice Can Be Rolling in Reviews

Every day it seems professional reviewers become more of an afterthought. You could subscribe to Consumer Reports to see the latest reviews before you buy that new vacuum. Or, you could read the plethora of reviews from actual owners on Amazon. You could search Rolling Stone for reviews of the new CD from that indie group you […]

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Advertisers Respond to Ad Blockers | Advice Media

Advertisers Respond to Ad Blockers

By Advice Media / November 30, 2016 / Comments Off on Advertisers Respond to Ad Blockers

Whether your practice uses digital advertising or not, the growth of ad blocking is big news in the digital world. When Apple signaled last year that it would support ad blockers in iOS 9, things really got interesting. More and more consumers are using ad-blocking apps on both their mobile devices and desktops and it’s […]

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