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Is Your Email Working as Hard as It Can?

Digital marketing people have been writing the obituary for email marketing just about from its first day. But decades later, email marketing is still going strong, and it may be getting even stronger. It’s thought that the perseverance/success of email marketing is, in part, due to anti-spam legislation. This has given email credibility with consumers,… Read More »

Performance Tracking Park City, UT

Ratings and Reviews Drive Customers

These days everyone’s a reviewer. Go to a movie — write a review as if you’re Roger Ebert. Buy a new vacuum cleaner on Amazon — write a review as if you’re a writer with Consumer Reports. Eat at the new local Italian place — write a review like a New York Times food critic. And… Read More »

What Do All These SEO Terms Mean?! | Advice Media

What Do All These SEO Terms Mean?!

Are you new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Our Digital Marketing Specialists do their best to explain the setup and status of your services as simply as possible. But there might be a few (or many!) terms that you’re hearing for the first time. Or maybe you just need a quick reminder about the key… Read More »

Why We Choose Our Social Media Content | Advice Media

Why We Choose Our Social Media Content

Have you ever wondered how our Social Media Team selects the content that we post on our clients’ social media pages? Believe it or not, there’s a method to our madness. We’ve tested social media best practices to build editorial calendars that perform effectively and help boost visibility. The bottom line is that social media… Read More »

Make the Most of Your Digital Marketing Specialists

Make the Most of Your Digital Marketing Specialists

We’re experts when it comes to building beautiful websites, executing search engine optimization, and writing compelling content. But we understand that you’re also experts in your respective field. Your digital marketing services perform best when both sets of expertise are brought together. So… what do we need to know? Think about these aspects of your… Read More »

What Affects Your PPC Ad Cost? | Advice Media

What Affects Your PPC Ad Cost?

If you’ve built a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign with a digital marketing company, you know that figuring out the right cost-per-click (CPC) is a complicated process. But if you’re new to paid search (or just need a quick reminder), here’s the lowdown on what Google factors into your CPC: Quality Score – Google cares a lot… Read More »

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Advice Media Day of Caring 2015

Last Friday, our staff in Park City donated our morning to the Mountain Trails Foundation, and we had a fantastic experience building a local trail. We look forward to making our Day of Caring an annual event.

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How Negative Reviews Help Your Reputation

Turning on your office computer at the beginning of your workday only to find a negative online review can be unsettling. You might provide thoughtful service to your customers everyday, but some will still be unsatisfied for one reason or another. While no one ever wants to receive a negative review, we’re here to tell… Read More »

Google Local Search Has A New Display!

Google Local Search Has A New Display!

Have you searched for a local business recently? Was the display the same as you remember? Probably not! You know that Google continuously alters their algorithm to improve user experience. After all, the customers who searched for your business online were Google customers first. However, the latest change involved the Google Local Search display. Here’s… Read More »

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Don’t Forget About Organic

Okay, okay! We know we’ve been blogging about paid search and social media A LOT lately. But we took a step back to remember organic search, and we still think it’s pretty great! We’ve always believed that a dynamic approach is the best approach. Each piece of a digital marketing strategy is stronger as part… Read More »

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